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AOM ONE Doctoral Consortia: Still some spots available!

  • 1.  AOM ONE Doctoral Consortia: Still some spots available!

    Posted 06-21-2021 15:49
    Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) 
    Virtual Early and Late-Stage Doctoral Consortia 2021
    ONE Early-Stage Phd Student PDW
    Step ONE: Starting Your Sustainability PhD Journey with ONE
    Friday, July 30 (4:00-5:30pm EST)

    The Step ONE PDW is intended to support early-stage sustainability PhD students beginning their journey with the Organizations and the Natural Environment Division. This PDW is a precursor for the ONE Doctoral Consortium and geared towards first-time attendees or pre-dissertation PhD students. The objectives of the PDW are to:

    1. Cultivate a passion and purpose for sustainability research
    2. Guide PhD students in navigating, participating in, and thriving at AOM and ONE
    3. Develop students' interests in ONE-related topics, by helping them articulate their research purpose in sustainability, as well as to identify potential theoretical lenses, collaborators, and pathways for their academic journey

    The PDW is a SYNCHRONOUS LIVE OPEN session and will include a keynote presentation from distinguished scholar, Jeffrey York, short presentations that provide an overview of AOM and sustainability scholarship in the Academy, and breakout sessions based on research interests.

    The synchronous meeting will be held on Friday July 30, 2021 from 4-5:30pm EST.

    The 2021 PDW will be facilitated by recent graduates and later-stage doctoral students with various sustainability research streams: Kevin Chuah (PhD Candidate, London Business School), Sara Graves (PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University), Katrin Heucher (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan), Jessica Jones (University of Tennessee), and Lucrezia Nava (Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge Judge Business School).

    The faculty keynote will be from Jeffrey York (University of Colorado), and Grace Augustine (Bayes Business School, formerly Cass).

    Attendance is limited to those who complete this registration form. Interested students should register via the Google Form no later than July 15, 2021.  Note: Students do not need to be a member of the ONE division at the time of the conference. 

    After registration, students will be asked to submit two slides: one with their research idea and a second with an academic article relevant to their research idea.  The ideas and articles will be used to form breakout groups and to cultivate informal literature reviews and potential collaborators with similar interests. 

    ***Registration Website can be found here

    If you have questions about the PDW, please contact Jessica Jones (

    ONE Later-Stage Doctoral Consortium PDW
    Kick-Off Friday, July 30 (4:00-5:30pm EST)
    Professional Development, August 4 (8:00am-1pm EST with breaks)

    The ONE Doctoral Consortium offers a networking, learning, and research reflection opportunity to doctoral students engaged in organizations and the natural environment (ONE) research. In addition to students with a primary interest in environmental research, this doctoral consortium is also open for those whose work somehow studies environmental issues,  even if their research focuses in a field outside of ONE. The PDW consists of two SYNCHRONOUS LIVE OPEN sessions: an early opportunity to meet each other and a longer professional development-focused session. 

    The consortium allows doctoral students at later stages of their program to engage with other like-minded students, and gain valuable mentorship from junior and senior faculty in their field. Doctoral students will have the opportunity to network with colleagues, ask candid questions to faculty, and discuss their research projects in an open environment. 

    These dialogues take place in small groups to maximize the interaction and engagement between all the students and faculty members. The program will include a panel on publishing ONE-related dissertation work, two rounds of research feedback sessions, and two rounds of discussions focused on early career issues, research and teaching. 

    To apply, please submit the following documents to

    1. A one-page memo stating your motivation and interest for participating in the ONE Doctoral Consortium
    2. A two-page research abstract containing information about the main objectives, theoretical perspective, methodological approach and expected findings of your project
    3. A current CV

    Applications are due by June 30, 2021.  However, we will be doing rolling admissions, so earlier applications are encouraged. Acceptance decisions will be communicated by July 6, 2021. Once accepted, PhD students need to send a 10-page extended abstract of a paper prior to the conference. Please email Sara Soderstrom ( with any questions. 

    Katrin Heucher
    Post Doctorate Research Fellow
    University of Michigan