Tips to Make Your AOM More Sustainable

From the ONE Greening Team (Valentina de Marchi, Sylvia Grewatsch, and Simon Pek)

ONE sees a marked increase in members concerned about the sustainability impact of the Annual Meeting. Many members have expressed interest in finding ways to reduce the carbon footprint of attendance. The ONE Division Greening Team is pleased to provide the following suggestions as part of our broader mission of making the conference experience in Vancouver as inclusive and sustainable as possible.

Travel wisely

Compare the carbon emissions of travel modes with carbon calculator websites.

If based on the West Coast, reduce your footprint while experiencing the beauty of bus and train services provided by Amtrak and VIA Rail.

  • NEW #AOMbyTrain! AOM attendees interested in sharing a train ride between Seattle and Vancouver should contact Eunice Rhee (
  • For suggestions on other routes, email Organization Scientists for the Future at for coordinated train travel to AOM.

If flying, choose direct flights and economy class seats. These have a lower carbon footprint.

Research your chosen airline for sustainability performance, which can vary widely.

Offset your travel impact

Regardless of your transport mode, offset the emissions of your trip. Some Canadian options include Carbonzero, Less Emissions, and Offsetters.

Skip the rental car (and taxis and Uber)

Take the 25-minute Translink train from the airport to downtown. Purchase a Compass Card for use throughout your stay.

Skip cars and walk along the world-class Seawall, the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path. Try the Skytrain or bus via Translink or Vancouver’s Mobi Bike Share.

Spread the word

Share this tip sheet with friends and colleagues and tell them why reducing AOM's carbon footprint is important to you!