ONE Past PDW and Symposia

PDW 2018

  1. Qualitative Comparative Analysis for Research on Organizational Configurations
  2. Paper Development Workshop: Strategy, Climate Change and the Energy Transition
  3. Biomimicry Design: Nature as Mentor, Model & Measure
  4. Responsible Management Education in Action: Listening to the Community, Opening Collaboration Spaces
  5. Business Adaptation to Climate Change Adversity
  6. Social Movements, Stakeholders and Non-Market Strategy
  7. Researcher’s Guide to the Anthropocene: Learning from Foundations of ONE
  8. Mind the Gap: Practices for University-industry Collaboration to Support Sustainable Innovation
  9. Testing the Waters: Developing Frameworks for the Organization of Water
  10. Creating Shared Value: Hogwash or Path to Sustainable Capitalism?
  11. Strategy Beyond Growth: Sufficiency, Subsistence and Degrowth as Strategic Imaginaries
  12. Sustainability Academic and Practitioner Mutual Development of the Benefit Corporation Movement
  13. The Future of Research on Hybrid Organizations and Social Enterprises
  14. Research Agenda 2020: Exploring Impact of Sustainability in Management Education

JS 2018

  1. Circular Economy in Theory
  2. Responsible Innovation
  3. Coopetition and Innovation
  4. Social Impact through Entrepreneurial Actions
  5. California Greenin’
  6. Can Information Save the Earth?
  7. Not For-Profits in Supply Chain Management
  8. Temporality and Institutions
  9. Insider/Outsider Activism
  10. Technology & CSR Pedagogy

SHCS 2018

  1. Sustainable Development Goals and Governance Gaps
  2. AiSM Symposium

PDW 2017

60. Addressing Problems of Endogeneity in SIM Research Methods
105. Climate Change. The Role of Strategy Research in Addressing One of Society’s Grand Challenges
143. Responsible Management Education in Action: Doing High Quality Research
185. Authentic Conversations in a Polarized World: Breaking Through Gridlock
196. At the Interface of Academia and Practice: Corporate Engagement with Climate Change
260. Benefit Corporations and Certified B Corps in Research, Teaching, and Practice
316. Sustainability in Management Education. Assessing Sustainability Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
330. After Climate Denying? Possibilities for/in the Anthropocene
357. During the Upcoming Clean Tech Revolution
378. Biomimicry: Design Inspired by Nature
380. Research Frontiers in Nonmarket Strategy
383. At the Interface: Building Paradigmatic Bridges Across Disciplinary Boundaries
428.Business in Society “At the Interface”

JS 2017

592. Interrelationship of Business and Public Goods
1026. Risky Business: Institutional Strategies in Unpredictable Environments
1127. Business Strategies and Climate Change: An Intergenerational Perspective
1335. The Interface of Spirituality and Sustainability: Self-Transcendence and Interconnectedness
1492. Social Movements and Market Categories: Bridging the Qualitative and Quantitative Research Debate
1495. At the Interface of De-legitimation Struggles: Social Judgements and Organization (Il)legitimacy
1508. Environmental Challenges, Social Innovations and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

SHCS 2017

1006. Developing Activist Managers to Work across Boundaries: A Path to a Sustainable Planet
1053. Organizing in/for the Anthropocene: Radical Transdisciplinary Thinking
2132. Sustainable Entrepreneurship

PDW 2016

41. Innovating for Sustainability: The State of the Art and Beyond
85. Application of Multilevel Research Methods in the Context of Business Strategy and Climate Change
122. Designing a Base of the Pyramid Enterprise: An Interactive Simulation Game
145. Beyond the (Traditional) Automobile Part 1: Batteries and Fuel Cells (But No Drivers!)
235. What Happens When You Develop the Sustainability Mindset?
318. Teaching Sustainability to Managers: Framing as and Effective Pedagogical Tool
338. Technology and Mobile Apps to Teach Corporate Sustainability
360. Stranded Assets in the Non-renewable Sector
395. Paradox Theory and Sustainability
403. Management Education-purpose, Linkage Assessment & External Stakeholders
404. An Invitation to Break Down Silos; What Macro and Micro CSR Scholars Can Learn from Each Other
405. Organizational Resilience to Environmental Risks
441. Time and Sustainability

JS 2016

1155. Corporate Short-Termism and Strategy: Causes and Consequences
1166. Re-imagining and Re-organizing Economic Action for Degrowth
1240. Environmental Entrepreneurship: Is Extant Theory Fit for Purpose?
1277. Gendered Approaches to Making Sustainability More Meaningful
1636. Informational Disclosure and Labeling Programs: Green Clubs and Spence Signaling
1999. Synthesizing Institutional Analysis with Identity Work in Explaining Environmental Sustainability
2102. Sustainable Business Models: Towards Meaningful Organizations and Organizing

PDW 2015

39. Fossil Fuel Divestment: Confluence between Policy and Strategic Viewpoints
124. Beyond the Automobile: Car Sharing, App-Based Transport Networks, Urban Mobility & Sustainability
138. OMT Bike: Stanley Park
142. Theorizing on Sustainable Entrepreneurship
153. Organizational Performance: What is it?
158. Cross-Sectoral Research Project Incubator
168. Governance at the Nexus of Organizations and Markets
194. Opening the Synergies between Sustainability Oriented Innovation and Governance: Systems Building
267. Collaborative Capitalisms: Building Community Capacity for Social Innovation
268. Sustainability in Management Education: Advancing Philosophy, Pedagogy, Integration and Roles
278. Authentic Sustainability I: Pitfalls, Pathways, and Paradoxes for a Better World
293. OMT Bike: Ride to Granville Island Market
294. The Anthropocene: Organizations and the Environment in a New Geological Epoch
304. Are Sustainability Certifications a Sustainable Form of Governance?
311. Re-Energizing the Base of the Pyramid Domain: Creating a Roadmap for the Next Decade
319. Teaching Sustainable Strategies to Managers: Science, Practice and Philosophy
347. Designing Sustainable Governance
363. Beyond Urgency: Expanding, Leveraging, and Renewing Academic Sustainability Management Actions
394. Social Movements, Stakeholders, and Nonmarket Strategy
396. Integrating Governance & Sustainability: Teaching Through Experiential Exercises
434. Reflections from 20 Years: The Emergence and Growth of the ONE Division
466. Sustainable Enterprise and Systemic Change
495. Authentic Sustainability II: Pitfalls, Pathways, and Paradoxes in Organizing a Better World

JS 2015

1149. Opening Governance of Natural Resources: A Multilevel and Spatially Embedded Perspective
1402. Sustainability, Social Issues and Entrepreneurship
1675. Under Activist Pressure: Understanding the Relationship between Activists and Firms
1782. Sustainable Innovation: The Evolutionary Journey
1911. Environmental Leadership

SHCS 2015

932. Governance for Future Earth: Challenges in Transforming Business and Science Practice
1270. Paradox and Sustainability: Moving Beyond the Business Case
1795. Opening Planetary Governance: From Corporate to National to Global (Earth Systems) Governance

PDW 2014

43. Urgent Academic Sustainability Management in Action: If Not Now, When? If Soon, What to Do Today?
59. The Power of Social and Environmental Disclosure
62. From (Auto)Mobile to Mobility: Technological Change and Innovation in the Global Vehicle Industry
78. Engaging Ostrom: Why and How Organizational Theorist Should
166. Authentic Sustainability: Pitfalls, Pathway, and Paradoxes in Conversations for a Better World Sustainability in 293. Management Education: Multidisciplinary, Innovative and Integrated Approaches
309. Researching the Organization of Energy: Dirty, Clean and In-Between
321. Becoming an Intellectual Shaman: Tackling Ideas Around Social, Ecological and Economic Issues
347. Using the Power of Spiritual and Religious Words to Create a Sustainable and Responsible World
353. Alternatives to the Corporation
354. Living Planet @ Work: Bold Talks and Walks for Bettering Our World
399. SIM Research Incubator
402. Cosmopolitan and Ecological Citizenship: Re-Thinking the Politics of Sustainability
413. Film: The Power of Words on the Screen in Teaching Social Issues and Ethics
439. Power of Words & Deeds: Exercises to Integrate Sustainability in Management Education
458. Degrowth – Problems with Sense-Making: new Imaginaries for Management Science

JS 2014

818. Socially Responsible Firm Policies, People and Performance
881. The Journey to Sustainable Effectiveness: An Examination of the Design and Implementation Issues
973. Promoting Pro-environmental Behavior in Organizations
1078. The Power of Words in Maintaining Core Mission: the Ben & Jerry’s- Unilever Sale Agreements
1277. Social Movements and Economic Systems: From Market Change to Industry Creation

SHCS 2014

587. Empty Words? The Contested Nature of the UN Global Compact
1025. Market Entry and Adoption Dynamics in the Emerging Cleantech Sector
1278. After Greenwashing: New Directions of the Symbol and Substance of Environmental Responsiveness
1850. Bridging Institutional Analysis with Cultural Dynamics in Explaining Environmental Sustainability

PDW 2013

66. Climate Change and Economic Growth: Management Scholars and Transformative Technological Change
116. Joining the Dots: Developing a System Approach to Workplace Pro-environmental Behavior Intervention
121. Sustainability in Management Education: Going Forward in Adopting and Transforming Curriculum
168. Disasters, Crises, Environmental Accidents: Phenomenon-Driven vs. Theory-Driven Research
227. Infusing Sustainability into Organizing: A Challenge to (Capitalist) Business as Usual
257. Sustainability in Multinational Multi-Tier Supply Chains
278. Building a Community of Base of Pyramid Scholars: Creating a Legacy that can Change the World
302. Carbon Markets in Question
308. Authentic Sustainability: Paradoxes, Pitfalls, and Pathways in Conversations for a Better World
321. Effective Use of Social Media in Teaching for Social, Environmental and Ethics Topics S
331. Advancing Research on Social-Business Hybrid Organizations: Emergence and Internal Dynamics
334. Transforming Markets: Cross Sector Partnerships for Sustainable Product Standards
341. New Directions in Active Learning: Sustainability, Ethics & Social Entrepreneurship Internationally
389. Sustainability Leadership – Experiencing Ambiguities and Trade-offs by Systemic Constellations

SHCS 2013

593. Shadows to be Marquee Lights: Questioning Capitalism and the Mission of the Academy of Management
1469. Halos and Horns: Understanding Corporate Reputations for Social and Environmental Responsibility
1472. Taking Human Sustainability Seriously: Exploring Individual and Organizational Enablers of Thriving