CfP EURAM Research Track on 'Innovation for Sustainability, Circularity & Greentech', EURAM 2023 (De

Starts:  Oct 21, 2022 09:00 (UTC)
Ends:  Jan 10, 2023 23:00 (UTC)
Please submit your FULL paper to our standing track on "Innovation for Sustainability, Circularity, and Greentech" (SIG Innovation, Track ST06-05) at EURAM 2023 in Dublin (14-16th of June) - its a physical conference, not online!

This is the 6th year that we meet and our community of interdisciplinary scholars in innovation & sustainability is growing. Our senior-level track chair team has expanded covering expertise from various areas:
Green tech & IP: Frank Tietze ,
Sustainable entrepreneurship: Klaus Fichter ,
Transition management: Maryse M. H. Chappin ,
Energy technologies: Jouni K. Juntunen ,
Cradle to cradle/circular innovation: Julia C. Schmitt ,
(Dynamic) capabilities: Edurne A Inigo, and
Circular/sustainable business models: Erik Hansen
(thx to René Bohnsack for his service in previous years).
We focus on quality reviews. Remember that our track also proposes one candidate for the EURAM best paper award.
Please spread to colleagues and follow our RG project.
Looking forward to meet in Dublin!
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Erik Hansen