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Upcoming Hybrid AOM PDW on Accelerating Research in Family Entrepreneurship

  • 1.  Upcoming Hybrid AOM PDW on Accelerating Research in Family Entrepreneurship

    Posted 14 days ago

    Accelerating Research in Family Entrepreneurship for the Creation of a Better World

    This PDW offers an accelerator for developing research at the crossroads of Family Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Social Responsibility. We reunite editors of fourteen journals who acknowledge the urgency of developing robust research addressing these pressing topics.


    During the hybrid interactive session, attendees will have the opportunity to present their developmental research in themed live and virtual break out rooms/tables with the editors and among each other. The expected format is 5 minutes of presentation (1 slide max) and 10 minutes discussion.


    This session provides an excellent opportunity for current researchers of FE, CSR, and sustainability to connect and to collectively sketch out a research agenda to that can in turn help advance teaching and practice by being geared toward creating a better world.


    Prior to the session, attendees will have the opportunity to view pre-recorded videos by editors of relevant publication outlets who share their tips and suggestions.



    PDW Workshop (Program Session: 276) | Hybrid Interactive: Seattle + Virtual; Zoom “meeting” style |Sponsor(s): (ENT, CMS, OMT, SIM, ODC, MC, OB, ONE) | Saturday, Aug 6 2022 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM (pacific standard time) at Seattle Convention Center in Room 619 


    Chairs: Kathleen Randerson, Clay Dibrell, Esra Memili, Allan Fernando Discua Cruz, Matthias Waldkirch, and Sheila Hanson


    Experts available to discuss with you:

    Business & Society: Colin Higgins (onsite)

    Business & Society Review: Jason Pierce (onsite)

    Business Ethics Quarterly: Andreas Georg Scherer (online)

    Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice: Franz Kellermans (online) AND/OR Alfredo De Massis (online)

    Entrepreneurship and Regional Development SI Biodiversity: Marcela Ramírez Pasillas (online) & Mattias Nordqvist (online)

    Entrepreneurship Research Journal: Rania Labaki (online) & Mike Mustapha (online)

    Family Business Review: Don Neubaum (onsite)

    Futures: Ted Fuller (online)

    International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research: Natalia Vershinina (onsite)

    Journal of Business Ethics: Julia Roloff (online)

    JBE SI Ethical Issues in Family Businesses: Elias Ηadjielias   (online)

    Journal of Family Business Management: Claire Seaman (online)

    Journal of Family Business Strategy: Esra Memili (onsite)

    Journal of Small Business Management: Ben McLarty (onsite)

    Journal of Management: William Schulz (onsite)

    Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat: Céline Barrédy (online)

    Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal: David Sirmon (online)

    Clay Dibrell
    Full Professor
    The University of Mississippi