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Step ONE: Early Stage Doctoral Consortium AOM 2023 - ONE Division

  • 1.  Step ONE: Early Stage Doctoral Consortium AOM 2023 - ONE Division

    Posted 05-11-2023 23:18

    Step ONE: Starting Your Sustainability PhD Journey with ONE (#11147)

    Format: In Person - Boston 

    Register Here – Deadline: Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

    Step ONE is a moderated PDW created to support early-stage PhD students interested in organizations and the natural environment to begin and bolster their journey with the Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Division. This PDW is a precursor for the ONE Doctoral Consortium and geared towards first-time attendees and students in the first years of their PhD journey. 

    The objectives of the PDW are to:

    (1)   Cultivate a passion and purpose for sustainability research, particularly through encouraging participation in a welcoming research community;

    (2)   Guide PhD students in navigating, participating in, and thriving at AOM, and as part of ONE; and

    (3)   Develop students' interests in ONE-related topics, by helping them articulate their research purpose in sustainability, as well as to identify potential theoretical lenses, collaborators, and pathways that will help to engender and amplify that purpose. 

    Register Here – Deadline: Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

    The tentative agenda is the following: 

    -        Panel discussions with recent graduates and late-stage PhD students (Lucrezia Nava, Assistant Professor at Bayes Business School; Junghoon Park, Assistant Professor at Loyola Marymount University; and Sara Graves, PhD Candidate at Simon Fraser University).

    -        Moderated small-group conversations where you will discuss your research ideas with peers and mentors

    -        Keynote presentations from ONE Division Chair, Sukhbir Sandhu (Associate Professor, University of South Australia) and the ONE Division's Best Dissertation Award Winner (2022), Kevin Chuah (Assistant Professor at Northeastern University).

    We will be sharing insights, lessons, and best practices into their PhD journeys, and offer steps forward to meaningfully connect with, learn from, contribute to, and thrive within the ONE community.

    Register Here – Deadline: Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

    What will I have to do after registering?

    After registering, accepted participants are invited to prepare a visual representation showing what motivates them in their research or demonstrates their key research interest(s). These images will be shared among other participants at the PDW. Furthermore, we would like to co-create a STEP ONE library. All participants are therefore invited to send us articles, they would like to add. These ideas and articles will also be used to form breakout groups for meeting with potential collaborators and to cultivate informal literature reviews. 

    Is the PDW in person only? What if I am not able to attend AOM?

    This year's AOM will take place in an in-person only format. Nevertheless, we are committed to try to make our PDW accessible for students who are not able to attend physically at the conference. Please indicate in the Google Form, if you are interested in an online option.

    Is there a AOM fee waiver for the participants of this PDW?

    We are discussing with the ONE Division the possibility to assign a conference registration fee waiver to new ONE members facing financial restrictions at their home institution. The waiver does not cover the required membership fee nor the travel costs. To apply, indicate in your registration if you would like to request a registration fee waiver. More information will follow.

    If you have questions about this PDW, please contact a member of the organizing team

    We look forward to meeting you at AOM!

    Anja Grüll, PhD Candidate, Vienna University of Economics and Business (

    Lucrezia Nava, Assistant Professor in Corporate Social Responsibility at Bayes Business School, City University of London (

    Sara Graves, PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University ( )

    Ash Ganzoury, PhD Student, University of Colorado Boulder ( )

    Svetlana Ivanova, Vienna University of Economics and Business (


    Lucrezia Nava
    Lecturer in Corporate Social Responsibility
    Bayes Business School (formerly Cass)
    United Kingdom