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SMS Toronto 2023 Conference Extension: New Directions in Stakeholder Theory

  • 1.  SMS Toronto 2023 Conference Extension: New Directions in Stakeholder Theory

    Posted 08-17-2023 08:27

    Dear Colleagues,

    Registration closes September 1 and only a few spots remain for the SMS Toronto Extension on Stakeholder Theory. So please register soon. The extension features an amazing line-up of scholars discussing the past, present and future of stakeholder theory:

    SMS Toronto 2023 Extension: New Directions in Stakeholder Theory

    Wednesday, October 4 2023 8:00AM - 6:30 PM at Rotman School of Management

    Panelists (in order of appearance): Ed Freeman, Tim Rowley, Sophie Bacq, Jay Barney, Flore Bridoux, Jonathan Bundy, Tima Bansal, Doug Bosse, Aseem Kaul, Rob Phillips, Witold Henisz, Lite Nartey, Leo Pongeluppe, Cuili Qian.


    In the 30 years since the University of Toronto hosted an invitational workshop on "The Stakeholder Theory of the Corporation and the Management of Ethics in the Workplace," later known simply as the "Toronto Conference," stakeholder theory remains an important area of study. It has grown in breadth and depth as strategic management scholars have increasingly turned their attention to rethinking and expanding its theoretical underpinnings, as well as considering important questions related to environment, social, and governance issues (ESG), diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), social impact, and the role of top executives in addressing these issues. The purpose of the 1993 Toronto Conference was to examine stakeholder theory in depth from several perspectives, in the context of a highly focused mini-conference, so that its emergence and acceptance as a paradigm for the field would be accelerated substantially.

    Drawing inspiration from the original Toronto Conference on stakeholder theory and the SMS Annual Conference's return to a location so strongly associated with a critical period in the development of stakeholder theory, this conference extension at the University of Toronto will focus on revisiting essential historical foundations of stakeholder theory and contemplate its future. Presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions will feature prominent scholars whose research has helped move stakeholder theory to its current prominent position in strategic management. Sessions will focus on the historical roots of stakeholder theory, its current developments and applications, novel contexts and methods for its advancement, and future opportunities for research.

    We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

    Organizers (Sergio Lazzarini, Anita McGahan, François Neville, Rob Phillips and Kate Odziemkowska)


    Kate Odziemkowska

    Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

    Rotman School of Management

    University of Toronto