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SIM Research Development Workshop – application date extension.

  • 1.  SIM Research Development Workshop – application date extension.

    Posted 06-08-2022 14:31

    The SIM Research Development Workshop is designed to bring together SIM/ONE and non-SIM scholars to aid colleagues in their efforts to publish in top journals outside those often considered to be specialty or niche journals in ethics and corporate social responsibility.  We have assembled a team of senior scholars who have been successful publishing SIM or related work in the very best general management journals like AMJ, AMR, ASQ, JAP, OBHDP, and OS, SMJ.  We will pair these experienced scholars with SIM members interested in exploring how specific manuscripts might be developed to meet the publication standards of the top management journals.


    For Authors: Do you have a complete, draft paper in the Social Issues in Management (SIM) field that would benefit from an in-depth developmental review by a leading scholar in the subject? You'll get to build your network, to boot! If so, please upload your full paper here by June 27. Partial manuscripts or outlines will not be accepted for review.


    For Readers: Would you be able to provide developmental feedback and continue to help build our community? Please input your information here by June 27.


    Once an author is paired with a reader, the author is responsible for setting a ZOOM/TEAMS (or other software) online meeting with their respective reader preferably during or before the Academy of Management Annual Meeting to discuss the manuscript.


    Mark Sharfman
    University of Oklahoma
    Norman OK