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Pre-register your class syllabus for PDW 14995 at the AOM in Chicago this summer "How to teach Social Business Modeling: An Example for Experiential Entrepreneurship Education"

  • 1.  Pre-register your class syllabus for PDW 14995 at the AOM in Chicago this summer "How to teach Social Business Modeling: An Example for Experiential Entrepreneurship Education"

    Posted 04-19-2024 08:31

    Focus of the PDW

    Social entrepreneurship education is rapidly expanding. Given its often hands-on characteristics it lends itself to experiential teaching in which students research actual social or environmental problems, identify solutions for these, and then design their own business model, business plan, or start-up idea. Educators in such courses face several challenges. They need to make sure that the student work is well aligned with their syllabus, while at the same time they want to keep a close eye on student progress allowing them to give feedback when it is most useful, and finally they want to encourage peer learning between student teams. This PDW will share best practice examples and will allow participants to explore how they can implement these in their own course work. The PDW will first feature a panel of social entrepreneurship educators sharing their pedagogical approaches and best practices. A next segment introduces the SEIZMIC App, an ERASMUS-funded project tool designed for collaborative social business model development, which has been successfully piloted across ten European universities. Finally, the workshop will conclude with interactive roundtable discussions, where participants can receive personalized guidance on integrating these methodologies and tools into their own curriculum. This PDW not only aims to enhance teaching strategies in social entrepreneurship but also strives to foster a community of practice among educators in this evolving field.

    Why should you pre-register for this PDW?

    In its last part, the interactive format of the PDW permits participants to apply learnings to their own teaching. An (optional) pre-registration allows participants to suggest questions and to volunteer their own course syllabi for discussion during the roundtable phase.

    Interested participants are invited to pre-register with the following survey:  

    Pre-registration is not required and walk-ins are explicitly encouraged. However, should space in the room be limited, preference will be given to participants who have pre-registered. As part of the pre-registration, participants can submit questions to the panel. They can also suggest a course syllabus of their own as an exemplar to be discussed with one of the panelists during the roundtable phase. We will select ca. 6-12 course syllabi that will receive feedback. The panelists will select topics that they feel are good case examples of illustrating the topics discussed in the PDW.


    Workshop Format

    The PDW is planned for two hours. A panel of educators will share their experiences teaching social business modeling in entrepreneurship courses. They will also share their experience with using the SEISMIC App as a pedagogical tool. Secondly, six roundtables (space for 6-10 participants each) will be arranged at which each panelist discusses 2-3 exemplary courses and outlines how their teachers could turn them into experiential social business model courses.

    Panelists present how they include experiential social business modeling into their entrepreneurship courses (30 min - 5 min each)

    ·      Kai Hockerts, Copenhagen Business School

    ·      Abel Diaz Gonzalez, Maastricht U., School of Business & Economics

    ·      Nikolay Dentchev, UNWE (Bulgaria) and Vrije U. Brussel,

    ·      Michel Ehrenhard, U. of Twente

    ·      Caroline Demeyere, Copenhagen Business School

    Facilitators: Anne-Karen Hueske (CBS) and Svenja Damberg (U. of Twente).

    Q&A with audience (20 min)

    ·      Participants are invited to discuss general questions with the panelists

    Introduction of the SEISMIC App as an illustrative tool (10 min)

    ·      Participants receive a brief introduction and tutorial in the SEISMIC App

    Roundtables (45 Min)

    ·      Each panelist will participate in one of the six roundtables

    ·      They will discuss 2-3 exemplary courses that have been previously submitted

    ·      Each table is also open to walk-ins without pre-registration who want to follow up on the panel discussion or raise specific questions

    Feedback (15 min)

    ·      Each table summarizes learnings (by one participant who is not the panelist)

    Kai Hockerts
    Copenhagen Business School
    +45 3815 3175