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Open science - PCI Org Studies launch

  • 1.  Open science - PCI Org Studies launch

    Posted 05-12-2023 04:19

    Dear all,

    We are pleased to invite you to the launch week of Peer Community In Organization Studies (, the latest born of Peer Community In, an open science non-profit initiative organized by researchers from multiple disciplines. 

    PCI Org Studies is an open access, collaborative and international community whose aim is to review and recommend preprints in work, organizing and organizations, and to contribute to recent efforts in building a more transparent, inclusive and fair research system that is not hidden behind paywalls.


    Why are we different?

    We are a community, not a new journal

    We are transparent, collaborative, open, peer reviewed and entirely free

    We are independent from commercial publishers

    We allow researchers to regain control of the review and publishing system

    Want to learn more about this open science initiative? Come and join us online! 

    Three dates in different time zones:

    - 22nd of May 8am EET (Cairo), 9am GMT (Istanbul), 10am MST (Port Louis), 11.30am IST (Ahmedabad), 2pm CST (Beijing), 3pm JST (Kyoto), 4pm AEST (Melbourne), 6pm NZST (Wellington)

    - 23rd of May 8am CDT (Mexico City), 9am EDT (New York City), 2pm WAT (Yaounde), 3pm CEST (Madrid), 4pm EEST (Kyiv), 6.30pm IST (Kolkata)

    - 30th of May 8am CDT (Mexico City), 9am EDT (New York City), 2pm WAT (Yaounde), 3pm CEST (Madrid), 4pm EEST (Kyiv), 6.30pm IST (Kolkata)


    More information and registration here: 


    Peer Community in Organization Studies in a few words:

    In the context of profound transformations towards more open and free science, Peer Community In (PCI) is a non-profit organization of researchers offering peer review, recommendation and publication of scientific articles in open access for free.

    PCI allows thematic communities of scientists to self-organize, to regain control of the scientific publication process and disconnect it from financial issues. PCI receives strong institutional support because the current publishing system entails a considerable financial burden for institutions. PCI wants to refocus scientific quality on articles rather than on journals. PCI is attentive to equity and inclusion at all steps of the process of scientific article evaluation. PCI focuses on bringing more people underrepresented in academia.

    We are proud to announce the launch of PCI Organization Studies, the first social sciences community from PCI. We will evaluate preprints, and to some extent postprints, dealing with all fields of organization studies and in particular with work, organizing and organizations. We invite scholars from all disciplines dealing with organization studies to join us and participate in this open science initiative, by submitting contributions, by reviewing them and by becoming a recommender (equivalent of an editor).

    Heloise Berkowitz & Devi Vijay
    on behalf of the PCI Org Studies managing board and team of 60+ recommenders