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ONE Times (July 2022) - final

  • 1.  ONE Times (July 2022) - final

    Posted 07-21-2022 13:36
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    Reposting the July 2022 edition of ONE Times due to a technical issue in the previous post. Please ignore the previous discussion post titled "ONE Times (July 2022)". The complete newsletter is in THIS post. 
    Apologies for the confusion and reposting.

    Dear ONErs,

    Happy July from the ONE Division and the ONE Division Communications Team. We're happy to share with you the July 2022 Edition of the ONE Times Division Newsletter. As before, this edition comes to you in the form of this online message. The content includes new publications, calls for papers, and much more.

    We hope you enjoy reading the division members' news.

    Newsletter content (continued below):

    1. Message from the Chairs
    2. New publications by ONE members
    3. Awards and recognitions
    4. Calls for papers, nominations, etc.
    5. Conference and other event announcements
    6. Other important ONE-related news


    Your ONE Communications Team
    Youthika, Nicholas, & Lucrezia

    Dr. Youthika Chauhan

    Ph.D. (Strategy and Entrepreneurship), University of North Carolina

    1.    ONE Times – July 2022 – Message from the Division Chair and Program Chair

    2022 Pre-AOM Meeting: Message from the Division Chair

    Dear ONErs,

    On behalf of the entire ONE Executive Team, it is with great honor that I welcome you to our pre-AOM newsletter prior to our annual meeting.  #AOM 2022 in Seattle is our first in-person meeting since 2019. Our Program Chair Martina Linnenluecke and PDW Chair Nardia Haigh have curated a fantastic hybrid program you will enjoy.

    It has been an intense two years since early 2020 when an unexpected global pandemic disrupted our lives, and we all had to adapt at unprecedented speed. We learned how to stay in touch virtually and maintain our research community connected and vibrant.

    On our end, it has been a busy year as a division. I am happy to report that AOM has renewed our division status after successfully submitting our 5-year review. ONE is a healthy and vibrant division. I invite you to read our ONE Strategic Plan and the AOM feedback on our website under. I thank everyone involved in the review process, from our executive team to our entire ONE community.

    I also thank everyone who has kept our ONE community for the past two years:  Jonatan Pinkse, Judith Walls, Jeff York, Sukhbir Sandhu, Martina Linnenluecke, Nardia Haigh, Ajith Venugopal, Garima Sharma, and all volunteers engaged in our eight outstanding teams (Awards, Communications, Impact, Internationalization, Membership, Program, Student, and Teaching). We also thank Gordon Rands for his continuous engagement with our community and for manufacturing our award plaques for over 20 years! I am also particularly excited to welcome Sara Soderstrom to the ONE Exec Team. ONE remains in great hands.

    Lastly, we thank the financial support from the University of St. Gallen, the Network for Business Sustainability, the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership, and the Kauffman Foundation. Thanks to the new partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, we now sponsor two new paper awards on Entrepreneurship and the Natural Environment and two scholarships for Ph.D. students from underrepresented regions to attend AOM in Seattle. This is genuinely a significant push towards a more global and inclusive ONE.

    I hope to see you in Seattle (or remotely) in August for an overdue ONE Reunion!

    Ivan Montiel

    2022 ONE Division Chair

    Message from the Program Chair

    Dear ONErs,

    The final AOM2022 conference program is now available! After two years of meeting virtually, we return to an in-person conference but have managed to retain an extensive virtual format for members who prefer to engage online.  Current numbers suggest that 2/3 of registered ONE attendees are planning on travelling to Seattle while 1/3 of registered attendees have opted for a virtual conference attendance.

    It certainly was a very busy year behind the scenes. The ONE Executive has been working hard to ensure that the first hybrid annual conference will be a good experience across different formats and attendance options. We have attempted to combine the best of two worlds – the AOM online platform allows us to foster our connections virtually while helping to make the conference more accessible, more inclusive and less carbon intensive. The face-to-face conference allows us to finally (re-)connect in person. We will all be part of a conference-wide experiment when we get to test the new hybrid options in August!

     I have received many enquiries about session formats and how to change attendance preferences from in-person to virtual or vice versa. I have summarized the main points in this short video which will be particularly informative for new members. Our program is centered on interaction: I have prioritized in-person sessions and virtual (“live”) formats, as well as hybrid formats for our symposia, PDWs and Doctoral programs. An important added benefit of the virtual platform is that you can (irrespective of your attendance mode) pre-record and upload your presentations such that they are available to a much larger audience. Note we now also have some virtual sessions later in the evening to offer better access to those in other time zones.

     A few highlights from our program:

    • On Friday, the ONE program starts with multiple PDWs and Symposia on important topics such as climate change, corporate activism, and digital sustainability. We invite you to join our ONE Welcome reception in the evening!
    • On Saturday, we look forward to several hybrid sessions on topics such as publishing with impact and integrating sustainability into teaching. Join our Guided Walk in the afternoon to see Olympic Sculpture Park and Elliot Bay!
    • Sunday is our ONE Community day – we host our hybrid doctoral consortia (huge thanks to all organizers!), will hold the Exec and Business Meetings, and have a consortium on tacking the climate emergency.
    • Most of our paper sessions are on Monday and Tuesday – please keep your calendars free on Monday for the ONE Plenary on “Resilience in Organizational Scholarship - Lessons Learnt from COVID-19” and our Division Social from 6pm onwards!!


    I hope to see you in Seattle (or virtually) in August! A big thank you to our ONE Division Chair Ivan Montiel for his leadership, to our PDW Chair Nardia Haigh for putting together a fantastic PDW program, and to all of you who have volunteered in various roles to make the conference a success.

     Martina Linnenluecke

    2022 ONE Program Chair

    2.    ONE Times – July 2022 – New publications by ONE members

    The following papers and book chapters are recently published by ONE members! Congratulations to all authors:

    Ahlgren Ode K, Louche C. EXPRESS: A business model pattern arrives... and then? A translation perspective on business model innovation in established firms. Strategic Organization. May 2022. doi:10.1177/14761270221094189

    Berchicci, L., & King, A. (forthcoming). Corporate Sustainability: A Model Uncertainty Analysis of Materiality. Journal of Financial Reporting.

    Hoffman, A., & Poggioli, N., (editors). (2022). Defining Systems Change in Sustainable Business, a special issue of Amplify. Available online at

    Ikram, M., Sroufe, R., Awan, U., and Abid, N. (2022) "Enabling Progress in Developing Economies: A Novel Hybrid Decision-Making Model for Green Technology Planning," Sustainability, 14(1), 258; Special Issue on Green Technologies Toward Cleaner Production and Sustainable Development; December, 14(1), 258
    Jiang, Y., Jackson, S. E., Shim, H., Budhwar, P., Renwick, D. W. S., Chiapetta Jabbour, C. J., Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, A. B., Tang, G., Müller-Camen, M., Wagner, M. &

    Kim, A. In Press. Culture as Context: A Five-Country Study of Discretionary Green Workplace Behavior. Organization & Environment.

    King, A., & Berchicci, L. (2022). Material sustainability and stock return: faith is not enough. Journal of Financial Reporting.

    Klotz, A.C. (2022). Why workers should go take a hike. The Wall Street Journal, p. R8.

    Nygaard, A. From Linear to Circular Economy: a Transaction Cost Approach to the Ecological Transformation of the Firm. Circ. Econ. Sust. (2022).

    Nygaard, A. The Geopolitical Risk and Strategic Uncertainty of Green Growth after the Ukraine Invasion: How the Circular Economy Can Decrease the Market Power of and Resource Dependency on Critical Minerals. Circ. Econ. Sust. (2022).

    Odziemkowska, K., 2022. Frenemies: Overcoming Audiences' Ideological Opposition to Firm–Activist Collaborations. Administrative Science Quarterly, 67(2), pp.469-514.

    Ordonez-Ponce, E., Dordi, T., Talbot, D., & Weber, O. (2022). Canadian Banks and their Responses to COVID-19 – Stakeholder-oriented Crisis Management. Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment 

    Rivera, J, Oh, C., and Oetzel, J. and Clement, V. ( 2022). Business Adaptation to Climate Change. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

    Russo MV, Earle AG, Lahneman BA, Tilleman SG, (2022). Taking root in fertile ground: Community context and the agglomeration of hybrid companies. Journal of Business Venturing 37 (2), 106184.

    Sroufe, R., and Watts, A. (2022). Pathways to Agricultural Decarbonization: Climate Change Obstacles and Opportunities in the U.S., Resources, Conservation and Recycling Special Issue on
     "Pathways to Carbon Neutrality: challenges and opportunities" Vol. 182, 106276, ISSN 0921-3449,
    Sroufe, R., Awan, U., (2022) "Sustainability in the Circular Economy: Insights and Dynamics of Designing Circular Business Models," Applied Sciences; 12(3), article #1521; January
    Yoon, A. S., & Serafeim, G. (2022). Understanding the Business Relevance of ESG Issues. Journal of Financial Reporting.

    Zhong, R., Ren, X., Akbar, M.W., Zia, Z., and Sroufe, R., (2022) Striving Towards Sustainable Development: How Environmental Degradation and Energy Efficiency Interact with Health Expenditures in SAARC Countries. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. February,

    3. Awards and Recognitions

    Ligia Azevedo-Rezende receives ONE Division's Kauffman scholarship for AOM Annual Meeting 2022.

    Ligia Azevedo-Rezende is a doctoral student in the Strategy department at FGV/EAESP, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Sao Paulo (USP), and is currently a visiting scholar at USC Marshall, in Los Angeles, CA.
    Her research interests lie in the frontier of corporate social (ir)responsibility, stakeholder management and information disclosure. More specifically, her dissertation explores when and how companies strategically manipulate their socio-environmental disclosures to influence or manage the perceptions of their stakeholders. Methodologically, she employs quantitative methods combined with textual analysis and natural language processing. Before joining academia, Ligia worked for companies in the insurance, engineering, and health-tech industries in Brazil.

    Heartiest congratulations to Ligia and best wishes for her endeavors!

    4. Calls for papers, nominations, etc.

    4.1. Organization Studies special issue:
    Organization Studies continues accepting academic papers for its upcoming Special Issue "Overcoming Shortcomings of Measuring Organizational Sustainability: Assessing and Driving Societal Impact", guest-edited by Frank Wijen, Shon Hiatt, Rodolphe Durand, Judith Walls, and Juliane Reinecke. The deadline for submission has been extended to 30 September 2022.

    4.2. Organization and Environment special issue

    We are excited to announce the call for papers of the special issue of Organization & Environment on "The Role of Place in Sustainability". We are looking for submissions on the following themes: 1. Organizations within local environments: How do organizations ground their sustainability into local contexts? 2. Organizations as local environments: How do organizations and sustainability co-evolve in a local context? 3. Organizations beyond local environments: How do organizations scale their sustainability practices beyond their local context? 4. Organizations across local environments: How do organizations learn and develop their sustainability practices from different contexts?
    Organization & Environment (IF 6.116, 5-year IF 10.624) "aims to publish rigorous and impactful research on the management of organizations and its implications for the sustainability and flourishing of the social, natural and economic environment in which they act".
    Submission deadline: 30 November 2022
    For more details, please refer to the call for papers:

     4.3. Sustainability Special Issue

    Sustainability is accepting manuscripts for a special issue on: The Future Implications and Impact of Sustainable Production in the Digital Age." Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 April 2023. Please see the call for submissions for details:  

    5. Conference and other event announcements

    5.1. SIM-ONE Divisions' 2022 Junior Faculty Consortium

    [See attached file "SIM-ONE JFC Call for Applications 2022"]

    5.2. AOM PDW - Change from the Inside Out: Rising to the Climate Emergency Through Social Intrapreneurship

    [See attached file "AOM PDW Social Intrapreneurship 2022"]

    6. Other important ONE related news

    6.1. Feedback on Organizations and Natural Environment (ONE) Division's 5-year report
    [See attached file "Feedback to ONE_5YR Review May 2022"]

    6.2. ONE Division Strategic Plan: 5-year review

    [See attached file "ONE Strategic Plan (5-year review) February 2022"]

    Youthika Chauhan
    Chapel Hill NC