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New Publications by ONE Members

  • 1.  New Publications by ONE Members

    Posted 09-15-2022 03:36

    Peer Reviewed Articles:


    Berrone, P., Gomez-Mejia, L. R., & Xu, K. (2022). The Role of Family Ownership in Norm-Conforming Environmental Initiatives: Lessons from China. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Online First.

    Burbano VC and Chiles B. (2022). Mitigating Gig and Remote Workers Misconduct: Evidence from a Real Effort Experiment. Organization Science 33(4):1251-1699.

    Callery, P. J. (2022). The Influence of Strategic Disclosure on Corporate Climate Performance Ratings. Business & Society.

    Carrasco-Farré, C., Snihur, Y., Berrone, P., & Ricart, J. E. (2022). The stakeholder value proposition of digital platforms in an urban ecosystem. Research Policy, 51(4), 104488.

    Combs J, Jaskiewicz P, Ravi R, & Walls JL. (2022). More bang for their buck: Why (and when) family firms better leverage corporate social responsibility. Journal of Management.

    Dordi, T., & Palaschuk, N. (2022). Mapping 70 years of advancements in management research on sustainability. Journal of Cleaner Production.

    Dordi, T., Gehricke, S. A., Naef, A., & Weber, O., (2022). Ten Financial Actors Can Accelerate a Transition Away from Fossil Fuels. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions,44, 60-78.

    Giuliodori, A., Berrone, P., & Ricart, J. E. (2022). Where smart meets sustainability: The role of Smart Governance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in cities. BRQ Business Research Quarterly, Online First.

    Hahn, T., & Pinkse, J. (2022). A paradox approach to sustainable product-service systems. Industrial Marketing Management, 105, 182-189. doi:10.1016/j.indmarman.2022.06.004

    Hermann, R. R., Pansera, M., Nogueira, L. A., & Monteiro, M. (2022). Socio-technical imaginaries of a circular economy in governmental discourse and among science, technology, and innovation actors: A Norwegian case study. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 183, 121903.

    Klotz, A.C., McClean, S., Yim, J., Koopman, J., & *Tang, P.M. (online first). Getting outdoors after the workday: The affective and cognitive effects of evening nature contact. Journal of Management. 

    Kortetmäki, T., Heikkinen, A., & Jokinen, A. (2022). Particularizing Nonhuman Nature in Stakeholder Theory: The Recognition Approach. Journal of Business Ethics, Online first.

    Linton, S., Clarke, A. & Tozer, L. (2022). Technical Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in Cities: Eight Best Practice Case Studies. Energy Research and Social Science, 86(April), 102422. DOI:10.1016/j.erss.2021.102422

    Marlowe, J. & Clarke, A. (2022). Carbon Accounting: A Systematic Literature Review and Directions for Future Research. Green Finance, 4(1), 71-87. DOI: 10.3934/GF.2022004

    Marques, L. and Manzanares, M.D. (2022). Towards social network metrics for supply network circularity. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Online First.

    Morrell, K. and Dahlmann, F. (2022). Aristotle in the Anthropocene: The comparative benefits of Aristotelian virtue ethics over Utilitarianism and deontology. The Anthropocene Review,

    Nava, L., and Tampe, M. (2022). The Challenge of Implementing Voluntary Sustainability Standards: A Dynamic Framework on the Tension between Adherence and Adaptation. Business Ethics Quarterly, 1-31. Open source link

    Nyberg, D., & Wright, C. (2022). Defending hegemony: From climate change mitigation to adaptation on the Great Barrier Reef. Organization.

    Nyberg, D., & Wright, C. (2022). Climate-proofing management research. Academy of Management Perspectives, 36(2), 713-728.

    Nyberg, D., Ferns, G., Vachhani, S., & Wright, C. (2022). Climate change, business and society: Building relevance in time and space. Business & Society, 61(5), 1322-1352.

    Ordonez-Ponce, E., & Talbot, D. (2022). Multinational Enterprises Sustainability Practices and Focus on Developing Countries: Contributions and Unexpected Results of SDGs Implementation. Journal of International Development.

    Ramirez, J., Angelino Velázquez, D., & Vélez-Zapata, C. (2022). The potential role of peace, justice, and strong institutions in Colombia's areas of limited statehood for energy diversification towards governance in energy democracy. Energy Policy. Vol. 168.

    Stephenson PJ & Walls JL. (2022). A new biodiversity paradigm for business. Amplify, 35(5): 6-14.

    Stubbs, W., Dahlmann, F., & Raven, R. (2022). The Purpose Ecosystem and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Interactions Among Private Sector Actors and Stakeholders. Journal of Business Ethics

    Wohlgezogen, F., Osegowitsch, T., McCabe, A., & Mol, J. (2022). Challenging Disciplinary Norms in Management Research to Catalyze Climate Action. Academy of Management Perspectives, 36(3), 955-961. doi:10.5465/amp.2021.0077. Check also the response from Daniel Nyberg and Christopher Wright: Nyberg, D., & Wright, C. (2022). Challenging Disciplinary Norms: A Response. Academy of Management Perspectives, 36(3), 962-967. doi:10.5465/amp.2021.0150

    Wright, C., & Nyberg, D. (2022). The roles of celebrities in public disputes: Climate change and the Great Barrier Reef. Journal of Management Studies.

    Wright, C., Irwin, R., Nyberg, D., & Bowden, V. (2022). 'We're in the coal business': Maintaining fossil fuel hegemony in the face of climate change. Journal of Industrial Relations.

    Zhou, Y., Clarke, A., & Cairns, S. (2022). Toward Achieving Local Sustainable Development: Market- Based Instruments (MBIs) for Localizing UN Sustainable Development Goals. Urban Science, 6(1), 24. DOI: 10.3390/urbansci6010024

    "We Need Better Carbon Accounting. Here's How to Get There." By Robert S. Kaplan, Karthik Ramanna, Harvard Business Review ( )


    Books and book chapters:


    Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric; Brito, Esther, (2022). Cities & Governance: The rise of Cities as global actors, New York. (248 pages). ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8415735525

    Nyberg, D., Wright, C., & Bowden, V. (2022). Organising Responses to Climate Change: The Politics of Mitigation, Adaptation and Suffering. Cambridge University Press (published in October).

    Samuel, N. & Clarke, A. (accepted). Partnerships and the Sustainable Development Goals. In: Murphy, Walsh, E., P. & Banerjee, A. (Eds.) Partnerships and the Sustainable Development Goals. Springer.

    Walls JL & Wittmer A. (2022) Sustainable Aviation: A Management Perspective. Springer Nature, Switzerland.

    Lucrezia Nava
    Lecturer in Corporate Social Responsibility
    Bayes Business School (formerly Cass)
    United Kingdom