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Join a week of entrepreneurship research in Boulder this summer!

  • 1.  Join a week of entrepreneurship research in Boulder this summer!

    Posted 01-09-2024 12:54

    Reversing the Arrow Conference, June 10-12 and Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference June 13-14 in Boulder, Colorado

    After a hiatus since 2019 due to COVID, we are excited to announce the Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference will be hosted by the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business in Boulder, Colorado on June 13-14, 2024.

    The 2024 GEIRC, a collaboration between the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, and the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, will be the 11th gathering of the conference which rotates between North America (Virginia, Colorado), Europe (Cambridge), and Asia (Hong Kong). This global conference aims to promote worldwide scholarly collaborations across regions, continents and academic communities.

    The conference is interdisciplinary and brings together a diverse set of presenters and discussants for two days of scholarly conversation on innovation and entrepreneurship. The conference promises to provide a vigorous and lively discussion about current research in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation from a global perspective. Selected papers will receive the attention of the entire conference as well as a formal discussant. In addition, we plan to feature a sub-theme on entrepreneurial innovation for the public good. Submissions from all disciplines are most welcome.

    In addition, we will be co-hosting the 2024 Reversing the Arrow Conference with the University of San Diego and the University of Connecticut also in Boulder, June 10-12. The Reversing the Arrow initiative asks how entrepreneurship affects society as a starting point for a transatlantic, transpacific and interdisciplinary academic debate in a small discussion setting.

    The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship plans to host optional outdoor activities (hiking, mountain biking, etc.) for those interested, a mountain view rooftop reception, a locavore dinner featuring local bluegrass music, and a PhD Student showcase.

    June is a fabulous time to enjoy the best of Colorado, so why not join us for both conferences for the week?

    If you have any questions regarding the GEIRC conference please contact co-chairs Janet Bercovitz - and/or Jeff York - For questions regarding Reversing the Arrow, please contact Robert Eberhart-

    See the conference website for more information and submit your papers by January 31, 2024 for GEIRC.

    See the conference website and submit papers by April 30, 2024 for Reversing the Arrow.

    Jeff York
    Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
    University of Colorado
    Boulder CO