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Deadline Extended: SO Issue on Impact-Driven Research

  • 1.  Deadline Extended: SO Issue on Impact-Driven Research

    Posted 11-30-2022 05:38

    Deadline Extended until January 31, 2023: Call for Papers "Impact Driven Strategy Research for Grand Challenges"  a special issue of Strategic Organization

    The urgency of grand challenges is clear. In the past twelve months, we have witnessed several interconnected global crises wreak havoc on communities around the globe. At the same time, there is a growing emphasis on developing strategy and organization theory that is impactful and contributes to solving grand societal challenges. In this special issue, we call for impact-driven strategic organization research that leverages research methods and theory in new ways to concretely result in a measurable impact on societal grand challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, poverty, and health, among others. By measurable, we acknowledge that there are various ways of measuring impact, including both qualitative and quantitative indicators. 


    We are particularly interested in uncommon approaches to combine strategic organization research and impact in rigorous and relevant ways such as action research, ethnography, field experiments, and cases of scientific activism. Through this special issue, we seek to advance research and methodological approaches for positively impacting grand challenges. It is important to identify and share the lessons learned from conducting such research, to identify the pitfalls of combining research with impact, and to establish avenues for future impact-driven research. Articles that explicitly propose new avenues for addressing the methodological challenges of combining research with impact are particularly appealing. We are also interested in articles that draw on organization theory and empirical application in 'real-world' settings to suggest radically new ways for impacting the ways in which academia can contribute to the resolution of grand challenges. We encourage contributions that are focused on, but not limited to, the following themes:


    • Cases of leveraging strategic organization research to impact grand challenges
    • New and improved methods to measure impacts
    • A range of impact-driven cases conducted in collaboration with strategic organizations on different kinds of societal, environmental, and economic impact and at different levels of scale
    • Field experiments with strategic organizations that leverage uncommon theoretical insights to drive change for grand challenges
    • Qualitative or quantitative studies co-designed with strategic practitioners aimed at specific impact-driven outcomes
    • Autoethnographic studies that uncover the researcher's role in driving strategic action or change based on scientific insights
    • Autoethnographic or case studies that demonstrate the potential of combining teaching strategy with impact and training future managers of grand challenges
    • Autoethnographic or case studies of scientific activism
    • Case studies on the use of strategy research to solve real-world grand challenges
    • Other innovative and unusual cases of driving impact for grand challenges with strategy research


    All submissions should be uploaded to the Manuscript Central/ Scholar One website: between 1 November and 31 January 2023.


    Guest Editors:

    Amanda Williams, IMD Business School,

    Gail Whiteman, University of Exeter Business School,

    Judith Walls, University of St. Gallen,

    Bill Harley, The University of Melbourne,


    SO Editor:

    Glen Dowell, Cornell University,


    Amanda Williams
    IMD Business School