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Daily ONE Review Update

  • 1.  Daily ONE Review Update

    Posted 02-10-2023 22:33


    I hope your week has ended on a high note!

    I love our community. Shout-outs to Grant Jacoby, Jana Maria Weinand, Frederik Dahlmann, Jason Good, Elizabeth Nichols, and Walker Dornisch - who wrote to let me know they would be able to review on an emergency basis or to let me know they were happy to do reviews I sent them. I may need a few more in coming days so if you have the capacity to do a review with a quick turnaround in the next few days please let me know - I'd be really grateful. Hopefully you wont be needed, but it is true that some people just get to their reviews despite signing up as a reviewer, and we are all volunteers here so it comes with the territory.

    To the numbers - things are moving! Lots of people opened their reviews in the last day, so fewer are as yet unopened, and a few more are also done - thank you!

    7-Feb 8-Feb 9-Feb 10-Feb
    Reviews Not Yet Opened   193 174 192 135
    Reviews in Process 229 226 215 224
    Reviews Completed (Woot!) 164 186 197 214

    Nardia Haigh
    Associate Professor
    U. Massachusetts
    Boston MA