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AOM Symposium: Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

  • 1.  AOM Symposium: Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

    Posted 07-08-2022 09:12

    Dear All,

    We are happy to share the following Symposium at the next 82th Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Seattle (session 1151):

    �� TITLE: "Social entrepreneurship in Africa: Entrepreneurial action to create a better world together"

    �� DATE: Aug  8 2022 | 9:30AM to 11:00AM - Pacific (Seattle time) (UTC-7)


    We will discuss about social entrepreneurship in Africa together with a great panel authors and topics:
    "Societal Healing through Community-Based Enterprises: An Action Research project in Rwanda" by Ana Maria PeredoIlke Dagli-Hustings & Alexandros Lordos
    "Social Entrepreneurship in Value Chains: Navigating Values at Multiple levels in the West African Cocoa Industry" by Milande BusquetNiels Bosma & Harry Hummels
    "Discarded yet Desirable: Social Entrepreneurship and the Circular Economy in Kenya" by Ben MkalamaBitange Ndemo & Giacomo Ciambotti
    "Social Enterprise Internationalisation: How, why and the challenges South African Social Entrepreneurs face when Going Global" by David Littlewood

    Session format: "Virtual-only: Zoom "meeting" style".


    Here the link to the session:


    Hope to see you soon,

    Best regards.


    Helen Haugh & Giacomo Ciambotti (organizers)