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AOM Research Methods Division Awards - Call for Nominations

  • 1.  AOM Research Methods Division Awards - Call for Nominations

    Posted 01-28-2024 16:28

    Greetings AOM members - and apologies for cross-posting.


    This year's nomination deadline for Academy of Management (AOM) Research Methods Division (RMD) awards is March 1st. Please consider nominating deserving colleagues. You can nominate individuals for: 


    Sage Publications/RMD Distinguished Career Award: Awarded to distinguished scholars who have made significant contributions to the advancement of research methodology. (Note: Nominees who do not win the award in a particular year will be automatically eligible to win the award the 2 years immediately following the year they were initially nominated, without the need to be re-nominated. Therefore, nominees from 2022 and 2023 who did not win the award will be considered this year by default. Beyond this 3-year period, nominees are still eligible for the award, but will not be included again in the nominees' pool unless they are re-nominated.)


    Sage Publications/RMD/Lawrence R. James Early Career Award: Awarded to scholars who have made distinguished contributions to research methods, practice, and education during their early career stage. Candidates for the 2024 award must have received their Ph.D. no earlier than 2017.


    Sage Publications/Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology Award: Awarded to an organization-related article or book chapter published between January 2018 and December 2022 that has made a significant contribution to research methodology.


    Details on the criteria for each of these awards and the nomination process are available on the RMD website ( The list of past winners is listed below. 


    The RMD will present awards at our annual business meeting during the AOM Conference in August. Thanks to generous donations by Sage Publications, each of these awards offers recognition and a monetary reward. So start thinking about your colleagues and associates who deserve some recognition for their hard work!


    For consideration, nominations must be received by March 1st. 


    Send your nominations to: 

    Yihao Liu

    RMD Awards Committee Chair & Representative at Large

    Department of Management, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia



    Thank you for your nominations!





    Sage Publications/RMD Distinguished Career Award

    2023: James LeBreton

    2022: John Mathieu

    2021: Francis Yammarino

    2020: Jose Cortina

    2019: Karen Locke

    2018: Terri A. Scandura

    2017: Chester Schriesheim

    2016: Fritz Drasgow

    2015: Robert Gephart

    2014: Paul Spector

    2013: Philip Podsakoff

    2012: Herman Aguinis

    2011: Dan Dalton

    2010: Robert Vandenberg

    2009: Eugene Stone-Romero

    2008: Jeff Edwards

    2007: Neal Schmitt

    2006: Nam Raju

    2005: Larry Williams

    2004: Philip Bobko

    2003: Larry James

    2002: Frank Schmidt



    Sage Publications/RMD/CARMA /Lawrence R. James Early Career Achievement Award

    2023: Zhenyu Yuan

    2022: Margaret Luciano

    2021: John Busenbark

    2020: Aaron F. McKenny

    2019: Allison S. Gabriel

    2018: Christopher D. Nye

    2017: George C. Banks

    2016: Louis Tay

    2015: Ernest O'Boyle

    2014: Nathan Podsakoff

    2013: Zhen Zhang

    2012: Mike Zyphur

    2011: Mo Wang

    2010: Daniel Newman

    2009: James LeBreton



    Sage Publications/Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology Award

    2023: Hill, A. D., Johnson, S. G., Greco, L. M., O'Boyle, E. H., & Walter, S. L. (2021). Endogeneity: A review and agenda for the methodology-practice divide affecting micro and macro research. Journal of Management47(1), 105-143.

    2022: Porter, C. O., Outlaw, R., Gale, J. P., & Cho, T. S. (2019). The use of online panel data in management research: A review and recommendations. Journal of Management45(1), 319-344.

    2021: DeSimone, J. A., Harms, P. D., & DeSimone, A. J. (2015). Best practice recommendations for data screening. Journal of Organizational Behavior36(2), 171-181.

    2020: Newman, D. A. (2014). Missing data: Five practical guidelines. Organizational Research Methods, 17, 372-411.

    2019: Preacher, K. J., Zhang, Z., & Zyphur, M. J. (2016). Multilevel structural equation models for assessing moderation within and across levels of analysis. Psychological Methods, 21, 189-205.

    2018: Meade, A. W., & Craig, S. B. (2012). Identifying careless responses in survey data. Psychological Methods, 17, 437-455.

    2017: Gioia, D. A., Corley K. G., & Hamilton, A. L. (2012). Seeking qualitative rigor in inductive research: Notes on the Gioia methodology. Organizational Research Methods, 16, 15-31. 

    2016: Carlson, K. D., & Wu, J. (2016). The illusion of statistical control: Control variable practice in management research. Organizational Research Methods, 15, 413-435.

    2015: Aguinis, H., Pierce, C. A., Bosco, F. A., & Muslin, I. S. (2009). First decade of Organizational Research Methods: Trends in design, measurement, and data-analysis topics. Organizational Research Methods, 12, 69-112.

    2014: LeBreton, J. M., & Wittmer, J. L. S. (2008). Answers to 20 questions about interrater reliability and interrater agreement. Organizational Research Methods, 11, 815-852.

    2013: Edwards, J. R., & Lambert, L. S. (2007). Methods for integrating moderation and mediation: A general analytical framework using moderated path analysis. Psychological Methods, 12,1-22.

    2012: Harrison, D. A., & Klein, K. J. (2007). What's the difference? Diversity constructs as separation, variety, or disparity in organizations. Academy of Management Review, 32, 1198-1228.

    2011: Boyd, B. K., Gove, S., & Hitt, M. A. (2005). Construct measurement in strategy research: Reality or illusion? Strategic Management Journal, 26, 239-257.

    2011: Boyd, B. K., Gove, S., & Hitt, M. A. (2005). Consequences of measurement problems in strategy research: The case of Amihud and Lev. Strategic Management Journal, 26, 367-375.

    2010: Newman, D. A., Jacobs, R. R., & Bartram, D. (2007). Choosing the best method for local validity estimation: Relative accuracy of meta-analysis vs. a local study vs. Bayes-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 1394-1413.

    Sarah Wolfolds
    Cornell University
    Ithaca NY