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A New Course on Sustainable HRM - Next Evolutionary Phase of HRM for ESG Sustainability

  • 1.  A New Course on Sustainable HRM - Next Evolutionary Phase of HRM for ESG Sustainability

    Posted 11-20-2022 20:30

    Dear ONE Division colleagues,

    A New Course on Sustainable HRM and Research

    It is more than three decades, since the development of strategic HRM, no major business strategy level disruption has triggered radical changes in the field of human resource management (HRM). Businesses around the world have currently embraced corporate sustainability and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies for common good. Hence, this disruption in business strategy have facilitated HRM, sustainability and management scholars to develop keen interest in gaining insights and exploring research and teaching opportunities in the new and emerging discipline of sustainable HRM.

    Opportunities to introduce a new course on sustainable HRM

    Higher education institutions have an important role in promoting sustainability for the society's benefit by introducing a new course on sustainable HRM in management and HRM programs at all academic levels. Many universities and colleges around the world have started introducing the course on sustainable HRM to the development of graduates who would understand how to implement corporate sustainability business strategy with sustainable HRM knowledge.

    Syllabus for sustainable HRM course – Contact Sugumar Mariappanadar –

    Research opportunities in the new and emerging field of sustainable HRM:

    There are abundant research opportunities for established researchers and early career researchers in areas of sustainable HRM, such as employee well-being, occupational health, SDGs, Green HRM, and CSR. These research opportunities would contribute to improved understanding of the ways to engage HR in the achievement of corporate sustainability performance of businesses.  

    Resources to facilitate teaching and research interests in sustainable HRM

    YouTube channel on 'Sustainability and Sustainable HRM'

    Book: Mariappanadar (2019). Sustainable Human Resource Management: Strategies, Practices and Challenges published by Macmillan International, London.

    Sugumar Mariappanadar, PhD., Fellow-COP., MAPS., CAHR.

    Peter Faber Business School., Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia.

    Senior Sustainability Advisor, Insync Australia, Management Consultancy.


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    Sugumar Mariappanadar
    Australian Catholic University