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EGOS Subtheme 34: Inequality, Institutions & Organizations

  • 1.  EGOS Subtheme 34: Inequality, Institutions & Organizations

    Posted 12-18-2021 11:48

    Dear friends and colleagues, we would like to invite you to join us at EGOS 2022 in Vienna for subtheme 34: Inequality, Institutions & Organizations. We engage with the conference theme to examine implications of 'the beauty of imperfection' for our understanding of inequality in organizations. Organizations, apparently beguiled by homophily in their privileging of white, middle-class, male somatic norms, have engendered structures and systems that advance a very particular understanding of 'perfection' when it comes to organizational work. We problematize this in this sub-theme by engaging with work that exposes the mechanisms through which organizations are constructed and operated in particular ways.

    As such, we feel that scholars interested in institutions and organizations, from those who study the behavior of individuals to those who are interested in how societies are shaped and governed – and all levels in between – can and should contribute to our understanding of various types of inequalities and interaction across these. We are most interested in work that goes beyond static, macro comparisons to studies that unveil the dynamic processes, practices, innovations and changes that will in turn enable a richer understanding of the relationships between inequality, institutions and organizations. In particular, we are interested in papers that focus on how this process unfolds across different inequalities and, most notably, how intersectionality plays out to further define the existence of groups of people.

    We anticipate an engaging subtheme with a plurality of empirical contexts and a range of theoretical ideas. Please join us!

    Our very best wishes for the holidays! 

    Johanna Mair, Kamal Munir & John Amis

    John Amis

    Professor of Strategic Management & Organisation
    University of Edinburgh Business School