“The Sustainability Mindset Principles - A Guide to Developing a Mindset for a Better World” Isabel Rimanoczy Ed.D

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How do we Change a Mindset?

As we increase our awareness of the planetary challenges and how they intersect with the discipline or profession we choose to focus on, we have put our attention on the external forces and impacts. What remains untouched however is the set of beliefs, values, assumptions, mental processes and paradigms that we hold and share: our mindset. But how do we change a mindset?

This book is the first to introduce the 12 Principles for a Sustainability Mindset, presenting educators with a framework to recognize the complex components of a mindset and making it easy to introduce them into teaching plans and lessons of any discipline. Written in a very clear and practical way, the book provides examples, checklists, tips and tools for professionals and educators, transforming the powerful development of a much-needed mindset for ustainability into an accessible, fun and intuitive task.

Foreword by Chris Laszlo,  Professor of Organizational Behavior, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University


The book is written with educators from a variety of disciplines in mind, including but not limited to management educators, coaches, and trainers. No other book comes close to providing such a well-organized and solid way of starting to shift our mindsets in the direction of sustainability.


About the author

Isabel Rimanoczy, Ed.D. has made it her life purpose to promote change accelerators. Awareof the complex challenges our planet (and us in it) are facing, she works alongside those who can make an impact on a greater scale. She developed the Sustainability Mindset, a conceptshe researched by studying business leaders who championed corporate initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community. What inspired these leaders to act in a business as- unusual way?

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What others say

If we reach a sustainable future, it will be because visionary teachers call a new generation of citizens and leaders to the journey. Educators will find in this book a sophisticated conceptual framework and pedagogic toolkit for awakening students to the urgent challenge of sustainability and sparking their engagement as agents of transition.

Paul D. Raskin – President - Tellus Institute, Author ‘Journey to Earthland: The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization’


Many of us started a journey trying to passionately make “a difference in the world”, only to be left wondering after a while whether that is achievable. When we turn inwards and try to address: What purpose do I strive for and what makes me happy, we begin to find answers which go beyond oneself and are fundamentally linked to the well-being of the people who are important to us. In my view, trying to find the compass and to go on this path is the single most important step one can take, and it might even bring about big changes to the world.

Jonas Haertle – UNITAR - Special Assistant to the Executive Director - United Nations Institute for Training and Research

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