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Message from Chair Judith Walls

  • 1.  Message from Chair Judith Walls

    Posted 08-05-2020 12:36

    Dear ONE-rs,

    Recently, we asked you to vote on three amendments to the ONE By-laws. I'm pleased to report all three amendments passed. Roughly 19% of our members voted, and the proportion in favor of the new amendments was above 96% for all three amendments.

    As a result, we have adopted the new By-laws. These are now available on the ONE website at

    The three amendments were on the topics of:

    1. Allowing the Executive Committee to create ex-officio appointments and ad-hoc and standing committees under Article IV
    2. Allowing amendments to the By-laws to be proposed by the Executive Committee, and removing reference to "ratification" in Article VII
    3. Updating the list of awards we hand out in Article IX, and allowing the Awards team the ability to create or discontinue awards with the approval of the Chair

    I want to thank you for being active in ONE and voting on the above. Our newly adopted amendments reflect the maturation and growth of the ONE division.

    I look forward to seeing you all at the virtual conference!

    Warm regards