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Seattle-Area ONErs! We Need You.

  • 1.  Seattle-Area ONErs! We Need You.

    Posted 23 days ago
    Seattle-area ONErs,

    We are looking for an awesome someone (or someones) to organize a local-area offsite event. In the past we've had some great local events over the years - some that come to mind quickly are a picnic panel in a park, and a tour of a local wetland area. A local event is really only limited by your own imagination and needing to be something at the intersection of organizations and the natural environment.

    Anything come to mind? Yes? Awesome! Drop me a line at by Wednesday January 12th and we can take it from there. I need to put the event into the system two weeks later, so we have some time.

    Nardia Haigh, Ph.D.

    ONE PDW Chair

    Nardia Haigh
    Associate Professor
    U. Massachusetts
    Boston MA