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International Conference for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

  • 1.  International Conference for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

    Posted 04-08-2019 17:12

    I wanted to bring everyone's attention to an exciting upcoming conference.  Registration is now open for ICSE 2019 (International Conference for Sustainable Entrepreneurship).
    Location : Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Date: August 28-31, 2019.

    Why ICSE?
       "Join a movement to Innovate a Carbon-Free Economy in a Thriving Planet"

    ICSE starts a movement where Sustainable Entrepreneurship is re-defined as Entrepreneurship done right; where every entrepreneur is a sustainable entrepreneur; where entrepreneurs don't want to just change the world, but also save the world!

    Who should attend?

    Whether you're an Academic, a Student, a Business Leader, an Entrepreneur or a Policy Leader, this is your opportunity to join our movement at its ground zero.

    Why register?

    √ Opportunity to participate in the ICSE Academy workshops led by global industry and policy leaders
    √ Attend more than 20+ captivating Conference topics delivered by cutting-edge scholars
    √ 25+ Speakers, 15+ Panel Discussions, 100+ Abstract presentations, 300+ Entrepreneurs & many more
    √ Go GLOBAL by meeting and networking with world scholars from Canada, US, China, UAE, India, South Africa and the list goes on...
    √ Join us for a grand gala dinner and awards ceremony
    √ Register before June 15, 2019 to avail of amazing discount and start preparing for your travel. Register for both the Conference and the Academy and save $50!
    √ Be a part of this new frontier in entrepreneurship!

    You'll come out of the conference inspired by the latest advances in the circular economy, biomimicry, women entrepreneurship, indigenous entrepreneurship, social innovation, impact investing, the circular economy, digitally-enabled sustainable business models, etc.

    Brent McKnight
    Associate Professor
    McMaster University
    Hamilton ON
    905-525-9140 x24704