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New Awards for Doctoral Students - The Fetzer Institute - Doctoral and Young Faculty Scholarships - for attending AOM

  • 1.  New Awards for Doctoral Students - The Fetzer Institute - Doctoral and Young Faculty Scholarships - for attending AOM

    Posted 04-20-2019 03:50
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    Dear Colleagues, 

    Please share this with others who may want to respond or will share it with their students and/or young faculty members. This is a new awards this year that support the growth of our Management, Spirituality and Religion (MSR) Community.  We are happy to announce this new initiative.  Please note that the deadlines for application to these awards is on May 1, 2019. 

    The Fetzer Institute:  MSR Doctoral Students and New Faculty Scholarship ( faculty-up to  3 years of teaching full time after completed Ph.D.)

    Fetzer Institute is generously offering 20 scholarships to graduate students and new faculty to support their attendance at the 2019 MSR program and related events at the Academy of Management in Boston. Each scholarship is $2,500 in support of graduate students and new faculty who otherwise would not have university support or other means of attending the annual conference.  This support of new scholars in the MSR field will be a significant infusion of wonderful scholarly and spiritual energy into the MSR community.  The attached announcement provides all of the details.  The deadline to apply is May 1, 2019.   See details attached.

    The Management Spirituality and Religion interest group is honored and grateful to have been chosen by the Fetzer Institute to receive scholarships for doctoral students and new faculty members, enabling them to attend the 2019 Academy of Management in Boston. This $50,000 funding is the result of a strong alignment between MSR's purpose and Fetzer Institute's "Vision of a transformed world, powered by love, in which all people can flourish" and "Mission to help build the spiritual foundation for a loving world".

    Beyond this strong alignment, years of partnership in research and conferences have raised MSR's credibility within the Institute as an academic vehicle. The Fetzer-MSR AOM Scholarships will enable each recipient (non-eligible for institutional funding) to utilize the $2,500 for their AOM membership, registration and travel expenses. For further information on Fetzer Institute's framework and action, please see Fetzer Theory of Change (pdf).

    Contact Judi Neal ( Chair, MSR Scholarship Committee) by email with questions and for clarification.


    Judi Neal

    Chair, MSR Scholarship Committee