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AOM PDW on Microfoundations of Paradox: Application Deadline July 8

  • 1.  AOM PDW on Microfoundations of Paradox: Application Deadline July 8

    Posted 07-02-2019 08:43

    Dear colleagues, 

    We want to draw your attention to the following PDW at the upcoming AOM conference in Boston: 

    Microfoundations of Paradox: Where are we and what is next?
    Friday, Aug 9, 2019, from 1:30-5:00 pm at the Sheraton Boston Hotel
    Application Deadline (Part 2 only): July 8, 2019


    Garima Sharma,

    Camille Pradies,

    Paradox theory has grown manifold in the past two decades and has contributed important insights to organization studies. However, most of the scholarly attention has been on questions of paradox at the team, organizational, institutional, and field levels (Schad, Lewis, Raisch, & Smith, 2016). While this focus on the macro/meso has added important insights, the focus is surprising since the original concept of paradox had centred around the individual and her/his defenses and responses (Miron-Spektor, Ingram, Keller, Smith, & Lewis, 2018). To address this blind spot, scholars have started to call for the theorizing microfoundations of paradox. In this PDW we answer this call by (1) showcasing research insights at the micro and meso levels that have direct implications for how we understand paradox, and (2) starting a dialogue around what microfoundations of paradox theory could look like.

    This workshop is divided into two parts. 

    Part 1: From 1:30– 3:30 pm: The first part focuses on 'where we are' in terms of the state of the field in understanding microfoundations of paradox. We will begin with presentations from panelists who have studied paradox at the micro, meso and practice levels. A discussant, with expertise in microfoundations will summarize the insights from the panel and share ideas on what microfoundations of paradox theory could look like.


    Sigal G. Barsade, University of Pennsylvania

    Paula Jarzabkowski, City University of London, and University of Queensland

    Marianne Lewis, City University of London

    Ella Miron-Spektor, INSEAD

    Scott Sonenshein, Rice University


    Jeannette A. Colyvas, Northwestern University

     Part 2: From 3:45– 5:00 pm: The second part of the PDW provides participants with opportunities to receive feedback on their working paper/research projects. Researchers with a variety of interests and expertise will facilitate small-group discussions.

    Table Facilitators:

    Rebecca Bednarek, Victoria University Wellington

    Eric Knight, The University of Sydney

    Camille Pradies, EDHEC 

    Linda Putnam, UC Santa Barbara

    Tatbeeq Raza-Ullah, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE)

    Garima Sharma, University of New Mexico

    Dustin J. Sleesman, University of Delaware

    Wendy Smith, University of Delaware

    Application Process:

    Pre-registration is required for Part 2 of the workshop. By July 8, 2019, participants must submit a short (1000-1500 words) paper or research idea related to microfoundations of paradox. Submit here: 


    Miron-Spektor, E., Ingram, A., Keller, J., Smith, W. K., & Lewis, M. W. 2018. Microfoundations of organizational paradox: The problem is how we think about the problem. Academy of Management Journal, 61(1): 26–45.

    Schad, J., Lewis, M. W., Raisch, S., & Smith, W. K. 2016. Paradox Research in Management Science: Looking Back to Move Forward. Academy of Management Annals, 10(1): 5–64.

    Garima Sharma
    Assistant Professor
    Anderson School of Management
    University of New Mexico