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Extended Deadline: Is love all we need? An exploration of love and the organization

  • 1.  Extended Deadline: Is love all we need? An exploration of love and the organization

    Posted 06-20-2019 05:59

    Love – Is it all we need?

    Love and the Organization- an Exploration

    Call for Submissions: July 15, 2019

    Is love all we need? If so, how can we organize for it?  This call for paper is calling for submissions to explore this side of the inquiry into love and organizing.

    What's love got to do with it? Love may have nothing to do with the organization, especially in the administrative and market-based context. The call is also exploring this side of the inquiry.

    To explore this tension expressed in popular songs we are inviting scholarly contributions to explore the notion of love and organizing. We are providing the space for interdisciplinary work that examines the various notions of love (romantic, platonic, agapic etc.), the history of the meaning of love and the emanating perceptions and consequences for the study of management, organizing and organization.

    This book is inviting contributions to examine the concept and idea of love in organizational contexts. Specifically, it is inviting contributions that examine how such conceptualizations of love can help us understand organizing practices.

    From Freud to Pope Benedict from St. Valentine to Robert Sternberg love has been an important concept to understand human behavior. In the context of organizing and management the concept has been remarkably irrelevant. In its place we have used empathy, prosociality, compassion and positive organizational behavior. These concepts may capture the potential of love or may simply sell it short.

    We invite authors to be bold and contribute in authentic ways to the discussion of how love can be viewed as a universalist, human approach to organizing or not. We encourage submitters to draw on the vast psychological, theological, philosophical literatures and apply them to the questions of organization, management and organizing. We also invite those that consider love an inappropriate concept for the study of organizing and management to articulate their perspective.

    Possible Topics (suggested, yet not limited to):

    • The notions and concepts of love that can inform organizing practice
    • Management and love
    • Organizing loving kindness
    • Love and performance, competitive and collaborative advantage
    • Distinguishing prosociality, compassion, empathy and love as foundations of management
    • Enabling conditions of love in organizations (not necessarily the romantic type)
    • Necessary principles of love (not the romantic type)
    • Breakdowns and boundary conditions of love and organizing
    • Psychopathy and the absence of love in organizations
    • Why love should not be part of the study of organizations
    • Etc..

    Process (to submit abstract click here): Abstracts of a maximum of 350 words are solicited until July 15, 2019. Feedback will be given until September 15th. Full submissions are due on December 10th 2019. The book is to be published in the Humanistic Management Series at Routledge Publishers in the middle/end of 2020. For questions contact: Michael Pirson at

    Michael Pirson
    Chair, MSR IG Academy of Management
    Associate Professor, Fordham University,
    New York, NY