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Research Chair in Reimagining Capitalism

  • 1.  Research Chair in Reimagining Capitalism

    Posted 05-07-2019 03:41

    The School of Business at Royal Roads University, in Victoria, Canada is hiring a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Reimagining Capitalism.

    The Tier 2 CRC in Reimagining Capitalism is purposefully broad and encourages applications from outstanding candidates in any social science or humanities discipline who are invested in the study of the causes and/or the consequences of the prevailing hegemonic economic paradigm that organizes society. As such, topics within the purview of this CRC include, but are not limited to:

    • How neoliberal capitalism that currently structures much of the world is transforming the nature of work (e.g., contributing to the emergence of the gig economy);
    • How recent social movements (e.g., Occupy Wall Street) are exposing the ills of the current operation of capitalism, especially its role in creating income and wealth inequality;
    • How the questioning of current economic norms is challenging the existing institutional rules governing markets and, concomitantly, yielding alternative market formations;
    • How the current economic paradigm is changing consumer behaviour, worker rights, and worker-employer relationships;
    • How new, emerging, and alternative business models, as well as social business models, can be used to reimagine how business is done;
    • How philosophical and sociological consideration of alternative capitalisms (or alternatives to capitalism) can redress gross levels of economic and social stratification.

    This Tier 2 CRC is for an exceptional, emerging, woman scholar. We are looking for candidates from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Candidates do not need to be Canadian to apply for a Canada Research Chair.

    Apply by June 5th:

    Thank you

    Robert Mittelman
    Royal Roads University
    Victoria BC