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Interdisciplinary PhD program on climate change: 20 PhD Positions

  • 1.  Interdisciplinary PhD program on climate change: 20 PhD Positions

    Posted 03-12-2018 07:20

    Apologies for cross-posting!

    The University of Graz, Austria, is announcing 20 PhD positions (predoc) in the interdisciplinary doctoral programme "Climate Change-Uncertainties, Thresholds and Coping Strategies". The dissertation projects (2018 to 2022) will address two main research questions:

    • What are, from the point of view of the disciplines in the DK, scientifically sound, efficient and ethically defensible strategies for a transition towards a low-carbon and climate-robust economy and society and how can the necessary qualitative transformation be politically and legally implemented and legitimated?

    • How should we deal with uncertainties and risks related to hydro-meteorological changes, in particular extreme events, and their associated consequences?

    The research will be organized in three overlapping clusters, each addressing main aspects of the shared research questions. This approach enables the early-stage DK researchers to realize - besides their disciplinary research - scientific originality and innovation, by being already from the outset more engaged in interdisciplinary co-operative work.

    For more information please see online - https://dk-climate-change.uni-graz.at/en/

    Arijit Paul, 

    PhD candidate - "FWF-DK Climate Change"

    Institute of Systems Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research,

    University of Graz

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