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Drawdown Book: seeking educators who are emerging champions of entrepreneurial carbon management

  • 1.  Drawdown Book: seeking educators who are emerging champions of entrepreneurial carbon management

    Posted 06-06-2018 09:29
    The teaching COALITION for Paul Hawken's book Drawdown now forming
    and will be culminating in a launch in October 2018 at the Omega Institute.
    Drawdown is not "just" a book, this is the first plan ever proposed on how to use ENTREPRENEURIAL INNOVATIONS
    to manage the natural carbon on the planet in a way that provides long-term stability, equity, economics, etc.
    Drawdown comes with open source spreadsheets so your students can MODEL various scenarios by adjusting ROI, cost, carbon balanced, etc.

    Hawken asked simple questions and found no one had ever quantified the answers:
    What would this green technology cost to deploy?
    What would the ROI be?
    How much carbon would that address?
    Of the top 100 strategies, which ones provide the most bang for the buck?
    Hawken video explains it HERE

    Drawdown ranks 100 solutions based on net costs and net savings. Strategies either remove CO2 from the atmosphere or avoid/reduce the emission of CO2. I've taught sustainable business courses for a decade and relied on Paul Hawken's books , but never have I seen a more
    boots-on-the-ground, scientific, logical, and INSPIRING book to use in a classroom.
    Plus, it is full of gorgeous photography and intriguing guest essays

    The book has been a NY Times best seller, sells for $15 on Amazon, is consistently ranks in the top 5 in the various Amazon categories.
    Universities – as thought leaders – should be all over using a book that approaches problems with real solutions that are doable today.

    The COALITION is consist of professors, researchers, and educators who contribute their "best practices" and teaching tools, modules, flyers, to an OPEN SOURCE library. Imagine a buffet of gourmet teaching resources so you can fill your plate with what you need.
    It is the rare person who can be deep in every business expertise, every environment issue, every science, but I believe that. .
    "All of us are smarter than any one of us"
    so please contact me with questions and queries and consider joining up with to become a champion.
    Call anytime the sun is shining: Central Time USA (405) 714-1919 or Jane Talkington@gmail.com

    Yeee Haw,
    Jane Talkington, MBA, PhD Environmental Science

    Jane Talkington, PhD
    Stillwater OK