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PDW: Biomimicry Design: Nature as Mentor, Model, & Measure

  • 1.  PDW: Biomimicry Design: Nature as Mentor, Model, & Measure

    Posted 05-13-2018 15:08

    ONE: Biomimicry Design: Nature as Mentor, Model, & Measure (Details)  

    Friday, August 10, 2018 9:45 AM - 11:15 AM (Central Time)

    Location: Marriott Chicago Downtown, McHenry



    Session Details: This workshop is a follow-up to build on last year's very successful PDW on biomimicry. Biomimicry is learning from nature as a mentor for sustainability, a model of sustainability, and a measure of sustainability. Organizations use biomimicry to develop new products and processes. Because biomimicry designs are modeled after nature, Improving Lives is a natural consequence of products that are designed to be benign for humans and nature and well- adapted to life on earth. Biomimicry-designed products and processes also contribute to Improving Lives by using fewer resources, such as raw materials, water, and energy, and producing less waste. Biomimicry innovation through nature-inspired design can lead us toward more sustainable solutions in addressing the grand challenges before us. Amy Coffman Phillips from Biomimicry Chicago will educate participants on the topic of biomimicry and will lead participants through a hands-on experiential activity to apply the DesignLens methodology in the development of a new product concept to solve a business sustainability challenge. Learning outcomes of the workshop include the ability of participants to (1) understand biomimicry, (2) apply biomimicry design principles and strategies, and (3) incorporate this topic into courses. The workshop will be of interest to management faculty in sustainability, entrepreneurship, new product development, and innovation. 

    Nancy Landrum
    Loyola U Chicago
    Chicago IL