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Join Jim Walsh for a Webinar on Teaching and Research for a Better World

  • 1.  Join Jim Walsh for a Webinar on Teaching and Research for a Better World

    Posted 04-10-2018 13:07

    Please join the International Humanistic Management Association and Sandra Waddock, Boston College, for an Intellectual Shaman Conversation with James (Jim) P. Walsh, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business.

    Date: Friday, May 11
    Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00pm (EDT)
    Location: Web conferencing, details will be sent before the event once your RSVP is received

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    This Necessary Conversation is sponsored by the Donahue Center for Business Ethics & Social Responsibility in the Manning School of Business at UMass-Lowell.

    Topic for this Conversation:  Making the World Better though Our Teaching and Research 

    Jim Walsh joins Sandra Waddock for a Necessary Conversation about 'Making the World Better though our Teaching and Research." Jim, one of 28 academics profiled in Waddock's book Intellectual Shamans (2014), embraces leaving the world a better place as part of his core mission. He believes that as academics, we are all called to do so. Walsh, a former President of the Academy of Management and the Gerald and Esther Care Professor of Business of Administration and Professor of Strategy (and Management and Organizations) at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, believes that what we choose to teach and how we teach it, as well as the research that we do, are fundamental aspects of how we, as academics, can do work that 'leaves the world a better place.' Walsh's research explores purpose, accountability, and control of the firm, and his teaching emphasizes helping students learn to lead. Please join us to explore how academics can successfully negotiate today's academic environment and still do meaningful research and teaching. 

    Speaker Bio

    Jim Walsh writes, "Research, teaching and service define my professional life. Two qualities define much of my work. I'm fascinated by cross-level relationships: the influences between and among individuals, organizations, and society really engage me. And as romantic as it may sound, I think we are all called to try to leave the world a better place. The desire to better understand these cross-level relationships, done with a clear eye on enhancing our well-being, animates nearly everything I do." -- http://www.jamespwalsh.com/biography.html


    Facilitator Bio

    Sandra Waddock is Galligan Chair of Strategy, Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility, and Professor of Management at Boston College's Carroll School of Management. Winner of numerous awards, Sandra has published about 140 papers and multiple books, including Healing the World (Routledge/Greenleaf, 2017) and Intellectual Shamans (Cambridge, 2014). Current research interests include large system change, corporate responsibility, intellectual shamanism, and management education.



    Sandra Waddock
    Galligan Chair of Strategy
    Carroll School of Management
    Boston College
    Chestnut Hill MA
    (617) 552-0477