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PDW on Organizational Hybridity

  • 1.  PDW on Organizational Hybridity

    Posted 07-15-2019 13:04


    We invite you to join us for a lively PDW on organizational hybridity. The PDW will set the stage for a forthcoming volume of Research in the Sociology of Organizations. Details are below. We hope to see you there!


    Organizational Hybridity: Perspectives, Contexts, Processes

    Saturday, August 10, 2:30-4pm

    Hynes Convention Center, Room 206



    Over the past decade, research on hybridity – the mixing of core organizational elements that would not conventionally go together – has expanded dramatically. Although much recent work examines hybridity in the context of social enterprise and conceptualizes it in terms of institutional logics, both older and emerging research point to hybridity in a broader range of empirical settings and approach it from additional theoretical perspectives. The purpose of this PDW is to integrate and redirect hybridity research so as to broaden its scope and relevance for organizational theory and practice, particularly its potential to contribute to management research on inclusive organizations that seek to address complex social or environmental challenges. To do so, leading hybridity scholars will launch and facilitate interactive discussions around three sets of issues. First, we will consider how different perspectives in organizational theory, including institutional logics, categories, identity, and paradox, can inform and be informed by a focus on hybridity. Second, we will consider how hybridity manifests in varied empirical settings, exploring differences across contexts in which mixing of core organizational elements is relatively settled versus more emergent. Third, we will explore what can be gained from studying hybridity not just as a state but also as a process, with attention to dynamics of creating, legitimating, and scaling. Taken as a whole, the PDW will strengthen scholarship on hybridity and contribute to its continued relevance for organizational theory and management practice.



    Marya L. Besharov (Cornell University)

    Bjoern C. Mitzinneck (Univeristy of Groningen)



    Pat Thornton (Texas A&M)

    Anne-Claire Pache (ESSEC)

    Silvia Dorado (University of Rhode Island)

    Tyler Wry (Wharton)

    Tommaso Ramus (Catolica-Lisbon)


    Additional participants will include other chapter authors from the forthcoming RSO volume on organizational hybridity.

    Bjoern Mitzinneck
    Assistant Professor
    University of Groningen