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AOM Symposium: Putting B Corporations Under the Microscope

  • 1.  AOM Symposium: Putting B Corporations Under the Microscope

    Posted 07-26-2019 07:42

    Dear colleagues, 

    We want to draw your attention to the following Showcase Symposium at the upcoming AOM conference in Boston: 

    Putting B Corporations Under the Microscope: Exemplars and Future Directions
    Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019
    9:45AM - 11:15AM 
    at Boston Hynes Convention Center in 306


    Garima Sharma, sharmag@unm.edu

    Emily Medley, emedley3@vols.utk.edu

    Joel Gehman, jgehman@ualberta.ca

    Jessica Thomas, jothomas@ncsu.edu


    Chris Marquis, cmarquis@cornell.edu

     The B Corporation movement completed a decade in 2018. Scholarly interest in B Corporations (B Corps) and Benefit Corporations has kept pace with the proliferation of certified B Corps across the globe. This surge can be attributed to the fertile context that the B Corp movement provides for research on sustainable business. At the same time, the context presents challenges including the limitations of the certification data. In this symposium, we bring together researchers who have been studying B Corps. The symposium's objective is twofold. First, we will showcase how the B Corp context provides important research opportunities. We will also provide tips on ways to circumvent its limitations enroute to crafting novel contributions within established academic fields. The papers in this symposium illustrate breadth of the B Corp phenomenon, exploring the antecedents, processes, and outcomes of B Corp certification and/or incorporation. Second, we will discuss the important research questions that can be asked, and potential data sources and data collection strategies amenable to answering these questions.


    Legislating a Stakeholder Value Paradigm: A Study of the Passage of Benefit Corporation Law
    Kunyuan Qiao, Cornell U., Shiyang Fan, U. of Electronic Science and Technology of China

    Renewing Vows: Explaining Bolstering Commitment to Doing Good
    Garima Sharma, U. of New Mexico, 'Alim J. Beveridge, The U. of Nottingham, China, Joel Gehman, U. of Alberta

    Impact Investment, Nascent B Corps, and B Analytics
    Liz Tracy, North Carolina State U., Jessica Thomas, North Carolina State U., Ryan Honeyman, LIFT Economy, Jeffrey M. Pollack, NC State U.

    Cultural Making through the B Corp Label: Marketing the "Force for Good"
    Emily Medley, U. of Tennessee, Knoxville, Rosanna Garcia, U. of Denver

    Garima Sharma
    Assistant Professor
    Anderson School of Management
    University of New Mexico