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Mindfulness enhances awareness of the natural environment

  • 1.  Mindfulness enhances awareness of the natural environment

    Posted 08-25-2018 11:53
    Having been committed to encouraging a healthy world for many years as well as interested in meditation and mindfulness, I was delighted to see in two phases of action research that people in each said that becoming more present in the moment led them to be more aware of the natural environment in which they lived. We were not seeking to show this; it simply appeared as one of the threads in our data both times. These are qualitative studies of moments in which people themselves feel fully present and awake at work.
         Until August 31 only, Springer is allowing free downloads of our case study "Bringing Mindfulness and Joy to Work: Action Research on Organizational Change" from the Handbook of Personal and Organizational Change (Neal, 2018)! Watch a brief video description at this 2-minute video or go directly to Chapter download to download the chapter. You may also be interested in two earlier articles on the first phase of our research, which began in sessions at the Academy, so contact me if you would like to see these as well.
    Please get in touch if you are interested in exploring this area further or have also done research related to this!

    Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
    Professor Emeritus
    Alliant Intl Univ and Coherent Change
    San Francisco CA