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EGOS 2019: Paradoxes of Enlightenment: Enlightenment of Paradoxes

  • 1.  EGOS 2019: Paradoxes of Enlightenment: Enlightenment of Paradoxes

    Posted 11-06-2018 07:31

    Dear Colleagues,

    We invite you to submit your best work to our Subtheme 09 Paradoxes of Enlightenment: Enlightenment of Paradoxes. Short Paper (3000 words) submission deadline is January 14, 2019. Please submit via https://www.egosnet.org/2019_edinburgh/colloquium

     We have a great group of scholars who will share their insights on paradox theory and scholarship between the paper sessions:

    Jean Bartunek
    Miguel Pina e Cunha
    Tobias Hahn
    Ann Langley
    Linda Putnam
    Jonathan Schad
    Mathew Sheep
    Wendy Smith
    Ella Miron-Spektor

    You can find more details about the Sub-theme here: https://bit.ly/2zcDXxK

    In this Sub-theme, we want to shine light on how contemporary political, social, technological, and cultural challenges unsettle individuals, teams, organizations and even institutions, making paradoxical tensions salient; and how actors across levels can engage with and respond to these paradoxical tensions to foster positive impact. We also welcome research that broadly addresses issues of organizational paradox. We outline some illustrative topics below, as well invite submissions beyond this list:

    • Tackling paradoxes of grand challenges. We are looking for scholarship that addresses how technological, political, social, and cultural disruptions reveal new fault lines in business responsibility, and how this phenomenon informs and can be informed by theories of paradox.
    • Identity renaissance in the age of paradoxes. We invite papers that explore how identity (at the individual, team, and organizational level) is being challenged or even transformed in the context of grand challenges; and the role of identity work and identity regulation in addressing these challenges.
    • The dark side of paradoxes. We invite submissions that unpack the potential 'dark side' of paradox. Can the management of paradoxes also generate a dark side, with not so glorious side effects for individuals, teams, organizations, and society at large?
    • Knowledge production in the post-truth era. Like never before, science is being questioned. The challenges of today's 'post-truth' era bring with it the opportunity to revisit how we produce knowledge and our roles as scholars in addressing societal problems. We invite scholars to submit work that studies the phenomenon of academic-practitioner collaboration (or employs such collaboration in their own research design) to speak to the paradoxes of knowledge generation.

     For more information, please contact the Sub-theme conveners listed below. We look forward to your submissions!


    Costas Andriopolous
    Cass Business School
    City University, London

    Manto Gotsi
    Westminster Business School
    University of Westminster


    Garima Sharma
    Anderson School of Management
    University of New Mexico

    Garima Sharma
    Assistant Professor
    Anderson School of Management
    University of New Mexico