SIM/ONE/PNP Junior Faculty Consortium

When:  Aug 11, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM (ET)

Subject: Apply to the AOM 2018 SIM/ONE/PNP Junior Faculty Consortium

The SIM-ONE-PNP Junior Faculty Consortium (JFC) is an annual event that provides an opportunity for early career faculty members and postdocs who are members of the Social Issues in Management (SIM), Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE), and/or the Public and Nonprofit (PNP) divisions to network with senior faculty members and develop their research ideas. This year, the JFC is scheduled for Saturday, August 11th from 8AM to 1PM (to be confirmed).

We have an outstanding group of senior faculty, now all we need is you! The event is over-subscribed each year. We encourage you to apply early. We also invite Deans, Department Chairs, and other senior or junior faculty to nominate their colleagues.


The senior faculty who will join us this year are:

·         Mario Aquino Alves

·         Mike Barnett

·         Deborah Blackman

·         Andy Crane

·         Tina Dacin

·         Scott Ensign

·         Dror Etzion

·         Jean-Pascal Gond

·         Anatoliy Gruzd

·         Tobias Hahn

·         Irene Henriques

·         Markus Höllerer

·         Dev Jennings

·         Clare Keliher

·         Adela McMurray

·         Jeremy Moon

·         Judy Muthuri

·         Guido Palazzo

·         Jonatan Pinkse

·         Kathleen Rehbein

·         Andreas Scherer

·         Sanjay Sharma

·         Laura Spence

·         André Spicer

·         Gail Whiteman


Application Process

  • You must be in the first five years of your employment as a faculty member or in a postdoctoral position
  • An application including a short CV and a long abstract of a working paper (not more than 5 pages) is required by April 30th. Please send your application to José Carlos Marques, (CC: Nolywé Delannon,

We expect about 30 participants. We will inform the applicants by June 30th.

The organizers for this year’s consortium are: José Carlos Marques and Nolywé Delannon (SIM); Garima Sharma (ONE); Deborah E. de Lange (PNP).

The lead sponsor is the SIM Division. Please email any questions/ comments to José Carlos Marques, (CC: Nolywé Delannon,




AOM - Hotel TBD
Chicago, IL TBD
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