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Sustainability Centres Community Workshop June 14-15, 2023

  • 1.  Sustainability Centres Community Workshop June 14-15, 2023

    Posted 11-16-2022 16:22

    Around the world, business school sustainability centres advance sustainability research, teaching, and outreach. They're an essential part of meeting today's business sustainability challenges. 

    The NBS Sustainability Centres Community exists to connect and support these centres in their work. It's a network of almost 200 centres, at universities on every continent but Antarctica. 

    Every two years, these centres come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of directing a sustainability centre within a business schools. The 2023 Workshop will be in New York on June 14-15, 2022, and is co-hosted by the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative

    The 2023 workshop has two objectives: (1) building synergies and (2) using systems thinking to advance real problems. 

    To build synergies within and beyond the SCC, the Workshop is held in partnership with the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME). Members of PRME and the SCC will spend one day, June 14, together in a systems thinking event with practitioners. A second Workshop day will be held independent of PRME. It will build on the first day, with more focus on centre roles in implementation. 

    Wednesday, June 14: In this facilitated systems-thinking event, SCC, PRME and UN Global Compact members (business) will work in clusters on priority sustainability problems and opportunities that are top of mind for these diverse stakeholder groups. The process will result in concrete ways to advance the issues, from curricula to partnerships and collaborative research. Activities in Spring 2023 will build a foundation for this work, by pre-identifying centres' priority issues.

    Thursday, June 15: This centre-only day will use knowledge exchange and community building to strengthen our role as changemakers. Through active engagement, SCC members will find ways to articulate and achieve their individual and collective aims. Activities build on the prior day's systems thinking work and also go beyond.

    Registration opens in January. Note that the workshop is being held deliberately the week after ARCS (Washington, June 5-8), to support you in consolidating travel. The full PRME Global Forum in NY is June 12-16.  

    A limited number of travel bursaries for SCC members from the Global South will be available. Please contact for more information. 

    If your centre is not a member of the SCC, please join this community. It's free, and we can do much more by learning from each other and building community than by working separately. 


    You can find out about the 2021,  2018, and 2016  SCC Workshops by clicking the relevant links. 


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