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Research Policy Special Issue: Towards Disruptive Sustainability

  • 1.  Research Policy Special Issue: Towards Disruptive Sustainability

    Posted 06-06-2024 04:43

    Just a reminder, Vassiliki Bamiatzi, Jeremy Kent Hall, Marianna Marra, David Teece and Richard Whittington invite contributions to a Special Issue on Disruptive Sustainability at Research Policy.

    The aim of the Special Issue is to stimulate a conversation about disruptive sustainability, defined here as a fundamental shift in business models of production and policies, while addressing environmental, social and economic sustainability challenges. These kinds of sustainable practices require a complete departure from the established ways of doing things, beyond incremental innovations (Christensen et al., 2006), to innovations that disrupt intertwined systems and can lead to more sustainable outcomes while creating new demands by diverse stakeholders (Senge, 2006). We seek submissions for 1 September 2024. 

    Full details of the Special Issue can be found at: Research Policy

    Richard Whittington
    Oxford University