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Join our AOM PDW on Insider Social Change Agents: Integrating Research to Innovate for the Future

  • 1.  Join our AOM PDW on Insider Social Change Agents: Integrating Research to Innovate for the Future

    Posted 23 days ago

    AOM PDW on Insider Social Change Agents: Integrating Research to Innovate for the Future

    Sunday, Aug 11 2024 3:00PM - 6:00PM CT (GMT-5/UTC-5) at Fairmont in State Room
    Sponsored by OMT, SIM, OB, DEI, CAR, MOC, and CM divisions

    Across the Academy, scholars have increasingly been focusing on how employees organize within and across organizations to combat critical societal issues, such as the climate crisis, race and gender inequalities, and worker rights in supply chains. In this PDW, we seek to bridge knowledge silos to create a broader community of researchers and educators around insider social change agents: individuals or groups who seek to propel their organizations toward contributing to positive social change. Overall, the PDW aims to empower researchers to co-create opportunities for future research, education, and impact that reimagine and transform organizations from the bottom-up and inside out.

    We structure the PDW in two parts.

    Part 1 consists of a panel of leading management scholars who will share their knowledge and expertise in studying insider social change agents across academic fields and societal issues:
    Forrest Briscoe, Cornell University
    Andrew Crane, University of Bath
    Rich DeJordy, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Lumumba Seegars, Harvard Business School
    Sara Soderstrom, University of Michigan
    Gail Whiteman, University of Exeter
    The panel will be moderated by Maureen Scully, UMass Boston. The goal of the panel discussion is to connect as-yet siloed lines of inquiry and explore synergies between them under the insider social change agents umbrella.

    Part 2
     includes several roundtable discussions that will allow emerging and established researchers to connect around empirically defined topic areas and identify frontiers, challenges, and opportunities for developing their scholarship. By structuring roundtables around empirically defined topic areas, we seek to enable focused discussions that can cross-fertilize insights across literatures, generating novel communities of practice and knowledge outcomes. Roundtables will be led by topic experts (see below), and insights will be integrated and discussed by Johanna Mair (Hertie School).
    Anyone is welcome to join Part 2 with roundtables on topics such as:

    ·         Insiders on Climate Action: Sara Soderstrom/Juliana Travassos

    ·         Insiders on Diversity & Inclusion: Lumumba Seegars

    ·         Insiders on Worker Rights/Supply Chains: Andrew Crane

    ·         Networks of Insiders: Rich DeJordy/Vontrese Pamphile

    ·         The Role of Technology in Insider Action: Nishi Gautam

    ·         The Wellbeing of Insiders: Andreana Drencheva

    ·         Methodological Challenges of Researching Insiders: Grace Augustine

    ·         Co-Creating Research and Working with Insiders: Garima Sharma

    ·         Educating Insiders to Innovate: Heiko Spitzeck

    You can (optionally) submit an abstract for the roundtables by July 12:

    The abstract (no more than 200 words) should be focused on forward-looking perspectives and/or questions for the roundtables. Doctoral students interested in co-designing and/or co-facilitating roundtables are especially encouraged to pre-register. You are also welcome to join spontaneously and without pre-registration.

    Thank you from the organizers,

    Elisa Alt, King's College London

    Grace Augustine, University of Bath

    Verena Girschik, Copenhagen Business School

    Katrin Heucher, University of Groningen

    Katrin Heucher
    Assistant Professor
    University of Groningen