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15 Social Entrepreneurship PhD positions

  • 1.  15 Social Entrepreneurship PhD positions

    Posted 11 days ago

    The seizmic doctoral network (DN) will consist of 15 PhD students who will jointly research the scaling of social enterprises. The project plans to fill these positions by February 2025. Please share the link with interested master students graduating this autumn.  

    Access the position announcements here:

    Work Package  "Social Business Model Design"

    DC5: Transparency and impact measurement in social business model design (Iceland)

    DC8: Transition Design and Design for Social Innovation as tools for Social Entrepreneurship (Napoli)

    DC10: Cross-sector Collaboration in Social Business Model Design (ESCP Berlin)

    DC13: Social foresight in social business model design (UPEC Paris)


    Work Package "Impact Investing for Social Entrepreneurship Scaling"

    DC1: Schumpeterian Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing (CBS)

    DC7: Maintaining 'Impact Fidelity' Throughout the Investment Lifecycle (Iceland)

    DC12: Impact Investment Strategies and Social Entrepreneurship Scaling (URV Taragona)

    DC14: Quantitative Analysis of Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship (Twente)


    Work Package "Competencies and Education for Social Entrepreneurship Scaling"

    DC2: Outcomes of Social Entrepreneurship Competencies (CBS)

    DC4: Teaching social entrepreneurs through explicit and hidden curricula (CBS)

    DC6: Feedback and mentoring in SE Education (Iceland)


    Work Package "Digital Eco-systems and Artificial Intelligence Use"

    DC3: Human-AI Collaboration: The role of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) mentoring and learning for social good (CBS)

    DC9: Innovations at the Margin: Digital Ecosystems in Social Entrepreneurship (Napoli)

    DC11: AI's Role in Fostering Social Entrepreneurship in Innovation Ecosystems (Innsbruck)

    DC 15: Effective forms of intervention by local communities to support digital eco-systems of self-organised SE networks (Kharkiv, CBS)

    You can sign up for optional information and introduction sessions. At these virtual sessions we will present the seizmic doctoral network, the Aurora European University Network, as well as answer any questions to assist you assess if any of these positions is a good fit for you. If you are interested in this info session, please register your interest here and you will receive an invitation as soon as the date has been set:

    Participation in the info session is not mandatory and applicants who cannot attend are still explicitly encouraged to apply. We aim for the applicant to start by February 2025.

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    The project will develop an interdisciplinary theoretical framework explaining the factors influencing SE scaling through replication and imitation.

    • It will evaluate the impact of social entrepreneurship business model design on scaling outcomes, combining quantitative and qualitative assessments. The focus is on identifying design competencies that facilitate scalability and examining how factors like social forecasting and impact measurement support scaling.

    • Furthermore, the project will investigate the intentions and actual outcomes of impact investors in supporting SE scaling in Europe. This involves longitudinal case studies to understand how impact investments contribute to scaling, replication, and imitation of SE initiatives, highlighting competencies needed by impact investors.

    • Next, the seizmic doctoral network will develop an interdisciplinary model for professional learning and curriculum development to enhance SE scaling. This includes training SE educators, conducting longitudinal trials of SE education, and assessing the role of feedback in supporting learning among social entrepreneurs, ultimately contributing to entrepreneurship education.

    • Finally, the network will propose and test a theoretical model on the role of digital ecosystems in SE scaling, exploring bottom-up creativity, digital data politics, and collaborative networks. This also involves training and implementing an AI model specialized in SE scaling to compare the effectiveness of AI and human mentoring, as well as combined mentoring approaches.

    Kai Hockerts
    Copenhagen Business School
    +45 3815 3175