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New JBE Environment & Business Ethics section, Information and Q&A, Weds, 26 May

  • 1.  New JBE Environment & Business Ethics section, Information and Q&A, Weds, 26 May

    Posted 05-17-2021 04:56

    Dear colleagues


    In April 2021, I was appointed as the first Editor of the newly created Environment and Business Ethics section at the Journal of Business Ethics.


    On Weds, 26 May, 12.30 pm (BST, London), Steffen will introduce this new section in this short, one-hour Zoom meeting, during which potential authors can also ask him questions in relation to the new section.

    Registration is required:


    This is how the new section is introduced on the JBE website:


    All human activity on this planet is influenced by and dependent on the natural environment and sustainable, healthy and resilient ecosystems. Yet, the rise of capitalism and industrialised economies have led to profound and large-scale alterations to the earth system. Climate change, ocean acidification, deforestation, water pollution, species extinction, soil erosion and degradation are all examples of how the way businesses and economies are run negatively impacts Earth. This section welcomes papers that explore the complex and multiple relationships between nature and society, focusing particularly on the environmental ethics of business and economic activities.


    We welcome ethical reflections from diverse geographical, historical and cultural sources, as well as marginalized voices and perspectives. Particular emphasis will be put on challenging anthropocentrism, as there is a pressing need to think about non-human ethics, for example, animal and plant ethics. This involves acknowledging different ontologies and cosmologies that approach nature-human interactions in a variety of different ways.


    As humanity strives to find answers to the multiple environmental crises we face, nature-based solutions (including reforestation, carbon sequestration, rewilding, marine conservation, restoring wetlands, biofuel production) are implemented – often by businesses – at an ever-increasing scale. There is an urgent need to evaluate the ethical and governance implications of such approaches to increasing our 'natural capital'. Are such solutions always just and inclusive? What tensions are there between people and their livelihoods and the need to conserve nature and re-grow the environment? Such questions call for renewed scholarly interest in the land, air, sea, and their inhabitants, evaluating the competing demands and interests articulated by business, state and civil society actors. This section provides space for critical, theoretically astute and empirically rigorous explorations of the emerging ethical and governance dynamics of these developments.


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    Steffen Boehm PhD FRSA
    Professor in Organisation & Sustainability

    University of Exeter Business School, G11, SERSF, Penryn Campus, Cornwall, TR10 9EZ, UK
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    Editor of the Environment & Business Ethics section @ Journal of Business Ethics

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    Institute of Cornish Studies