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New Book in GVV Series from Routledge: Giving Voice To Values: An Innovation and Impact Agenda

  • 1.  New Book in GVV Series from Routledge: Giving Voice To Values: An Innovation and Impact Agenda

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    Dear GVV Colleagues:

    Greetings! I hope you are all healthy and that you are finding the energy, resilience and creativity to continue your best work in new ways and to be inspired to voice and enact new approaches to values-driven leadership!

    With all the challenges facing our World, we need to normalize the expressions of truth and compassion and accountability - bringing down the negative emotion that can limit our impact while enhancing the respect and insight that can enhance our ability to influence. We need to practice these skills and scripts, and Giving Voice To Values (GVV) is precisely about building this compentency and habit, this "Moral Muscle Memory."

    I am so pleased to report that the Giving Voice To Values work continues to grow rapidly and globally, especially as this is such a critical time for us to find constructive and effective ways to enact our best selves.

    See below for updates!







    Forthcoming Book (July 2021) in GVV Series from Routledge: Giving Voice To Values: An Innovation and Impact Agenda

    Edited by Jerry Goodstein and Mary C. Gentile, with 15 chapters illustrating the first decade of GVV's impact across geography, discipline, profession and delivery platform. $31.16 [20% discount with code - FLY21 - if purchased at Routledge site]. Available for pre-order at Routledge site and Amazon. Item will ship after June 29, 2021.

    This book shifts attention to the future of Giving Voice To Values (GVV) and provides thought-pieces from practitioners and leading experts in business ethics and the professions on the possibilities for sustaining its growth and success, across fields and geographies. These include the creation of new teaching materials, reaching different audiences globally, and expanding the ways in which Giving Voice To Values is making a difference in classrooms and the workplace and acting as a catalyst for organizational and societal change. The book closes with a reflective chapter by Mary Gentile, looking back at where GVV has been and looking ahead to where GVV might go.





    "Stories of Leadership, Good and Bad: Another Modest Proposal for Teaching Leadership in Law Schools"

    By Doris Del Tosto Borgan, Villanova Law School, forthcoming Journal of the Legal Profession, Vol. Spring 2021. This article argues for the inclusion of values-based leadership in legal education and makes the case that GVV is the perfect scaffolding for such a curriculum in law schools. The SSRN post of the draft artciel was picked up on the TaxProf blog, one of the most read blogs among law professors. It will also be featured on Leah Jackson Teague's leadership in law schools focused blog.





    Mary Gentile, PhD, founder of Giving Voice to Values and Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business has a new appointment to the board of directors of The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership (CHL).

    CHL is a non-profit community formed by and for CEOs committed to building high-performing organizations that deliver superior economic and social value who bring expertise and commitment to multi-stakeholder value creation.





    Professor Ros Berne at the University of Virginia School of Engineering is working with GVV to customize the Giving Voice To Values MOOC from Coursera for Engineering educators.

    The new MOOC will be piloted in the Fall at UVA SOE and plans are to make it available to engineering educators worldwide via the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science afterward.





    GVV is working with Mursion to develop and pilot Virtual Reality Avatar-based Simulation Trainings on GVV for supervisors for an international multi-lateral organization.





    Forthcoming Book (Fall 2021) in GVV Series from Routledge: Tactics for Racial Justice: Building an Antiracist Organization and Community by Shannon Joyce Prince, PhD, JD.





    Forthcoming Book (Fall 2021) in GVV Series from Routledge: Collaborating for Climate Resilience by Ann Goodman and Nilda M. Mesa




    GVV in Africa

    In 2017, Ashesi University began an initiative called Education Collaborative which seeks to work collectively with other African universities to transform higher education on the continent ( They are currently developing an online GVV-based program for educators and practitioners and students. Professor Rebecca Awuah is leading this effort and Gentile is serving as an advisor. New Africa-specific GVV cases are being developed.




    More GVV in Africa

    The GVV MOOC from Coursera was a featured program in the University of Virginia's Online Global Outreach Program this past February for students and professionals in Africa.




    KPMG LLP (US firm) is integrating GVV into their firmwide Ethics & Integrity curriculum to enhance their partner and employee skills needed to act and resolve ethical dilemmas and effectively voice their values.

    The program was launched last summer and follow-on programs for different practice areas are being devloped and offered, as was as an introduction to GVV for KPMG Business School (KBS) facilitators. GVV was a featured topic for the KPMG Denver Office programming for KPMG alums and employees, May 2021.






    ·     GVV case on racial bias and AI: "Programming a 'Fairer' System: Assessing Bias in Enterprise AI Products" [Developed by Adriana Krasniansky (MTS '21), Harvard Divinity School, supervised by Mary Gentile].

    ·     Balance-Statement Reporting at Premium Capital Funds (OB-1306). Developed by Professors Liliana Lopez-Jimenez and Luis Antonio Orozco, Universidad Externado de Colombia School of Management, and Ricardo Emilio Martinez-Gomez, former employee at Premium Capital Funds.
    SPANISH TRANSLATION: Balance-Statement Reporting at Premium Capital Funds (OB-1319).

    ·     3 new GVV cases with Darden Business Publishing, written by Darden SY students in the "Leadership When It Really Counts" course and supervised by Mary Gentile:

    o  "Conundrum Calls" (GVV and competitor information gathering)

    o  "Illustrative Transformations" (GVV and sexual harassment)

    o  "The Information Dilemma" (GVV and ethical handling of acquisition information)


    ·     CFA Institute Offers Online GVV Program Customized for Finance Students and Faculty: Hosted in the CFA Institute Ethics Learning Lab, this GVV program incorporates content relevant to the investment profession and finance students. Each of the 5 modules take 30 minutes and include videos, quizzes, polls, and discussion prompts. Students share comments and track progress on the leaderboard, and there is also the option to set up a private cohort for your class. If you are interested in adding this program to your finance curriculum, please email

    ·     Dr. Abiola Makinwa, The Hague University of Applied Sciences has developed an online training program called The IntegrityDLM (Digital Learning Module), which adapts the GVV pedagogy for its teaching tools. The IntegrityDLM is available at Students develop moral 'reminders', 'moral commitments', and 'moral reference points' to encourage moral intentionality, as well as an explicit moral vocabulary. Students create Integiry Toolkits comprising of Pyramids of Core Values; values-based Personal Codes of Conduct and Integrity Checklists. By prescripting, developing, and practicing responses to ethical challenges in advance, students develop 'integrity awareness' and 'integrity assertiveness'. The framing of the compentences is supported by research that an individuals' moral choices can be affected 'by emphasizing or raising their moral reference points'.

    ·     GVV Online programs from is now part of the Josh Bersin Academy offerings for Human Resource Leaders in 2020. It is also available through the Nomadic Academy here.

    ·     Giving Voice To Values Audiobook Now Available here.

    ·     A New Offering of the GVV MOOC Launches Every Fourth Monday - The GVV MOOC, Ethical Leadership Through Giving Voice to Values, launded by UVA Darden and Coursera, is available every fourth Monday.


    ·     Podcast on The Ethics and Compliance Library: Host Lauren Siegel, PRC. Seigel analyzes Giving Voice to Values by Mary Gentile. She chats with the author about the book and E&C leader, Blair Marks of Lockheed Martin, about how she has used the concepts from the book to strengthen the company's culture.

    ·     Gentile shared GVV with CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, UK), May 2021.

    ·     Gentile was a panelist for the global PCEB Anti-Bribery Conference, May 2021.

    ·     Gentile presented GVV at the Bentley University Global Business Ethics Teaching Workshop, May 2021.

    ·     Podcast, Philippines, Jan. 19, Rej Cortez Torrecampo, "RUMBLE, Honest Conversations about Giving Voice To Values," a podcast project to bring courage to young professionals to give voice to their values and to normal how the younger generation is forging a different path towards making this world a better place.

    ·     Featured presentation on GVV for Villanova Law School's Symposium on Practical Ethics in Corporate Law: The Science, Instruction, and Real-World Application. [Presentation will be published in Villanova Law Review], February 19, 2021.

    ·     Delivered webinar on GVV for Takeda Pharmaceuticals, February 9, 2021.

    ·     Delivered presentation on Giving Voice To Values for The Student Center for the Public Trust (SCPT) at University of New Mexico on February 5, 2021.

    ·     Guest Lecturer on February 3 and March 31 for Professor John Brown's graduate class on "Ethical Discernment in Business Contexts" at Harvard Divinity School.

    ·     Guest Lecturer in Brian Moriarty's GVV SY Course at Darden on "Leadership When It Really Counts," March 31, 2021.

    ·     Delivered address on GVV for Thinking Schools of South Africa, February 17, 2021.

    ·     Featured guest on THRIVE Podcast with Dr. Solomon, February 22, 2021.

    ·     Featured speaker on GVV for "The Leaders and Legends Lecture Series," University of Dallas, Febrary 24, 2021.

    ·     Delivered presentation on GVV for The Global HR Conference, Confederation of Indian Industry, February 26, 2021.

    ·     Featured webinar presentation on GVV with Professor Richard Miller for the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science, UVA School of Engineering, March 1, 2021.

    ·     Guest on Ed Freeman's Stakeholder Podcast, March 17, 2021.

    ·     Faculty, Aspen Institute First Movers Fellowship, March 2-5, 2021.

    ·     Interview for Aspen Institute First Movers program with Fred Dust, March 11, 2021.

    ·     Featured panelist in "Character and Professions" convening sponsored by Oxford University and Wake Forest University, March 20, 2021.

    ·     Featured speaker on GVV for Middle East Compliance Week, Fresenius, March 23, 2021.

    ·     Guest, Women in Leadership program, UVA Darden Executive Education, May 25, 2021.

    ·     Keynote on GVV for international convening on 'Emerging Business, Management and Sustainability Paradigm beyond 2020', NEMA and New Delhi Institute of Management, India, May 29, 2021.


    ·     "Stories of Leadership, Good and Bad: Another Modest Proposal for Teaching Leadership in Law Schools," by Doris Del Tosto Brogan, Villanova Law School, forthcoming Journal of the Legal Profession, Vol. Spring 2021.

    ·     "Giving Voice to Values: A Glimpse of the Origin Story" by Mary C. Gentile, UVA Darden Ideas to Action, April 2021.

    ·     A section of GVV is included in the new text, Accounting Ethics Education: Making Ethics Real. Edited by Alberto J. Costa, Margarida M. Pinheiro, 2021.

    ·     Gentile wrote the foreward for "Ethical Oligations and Decision Making in Accounting: Text and Cases." 6th edition by Steven Mintz and William Miller, forthcoming 2021, McGraw-Hill Education. GVV is featured throughout the text.

    ·     "Giving Voice to Values: The 'How' of Effective Antitrust Compliance," invited chapter for Perspectives on Antitrust Compliance with Anny Tubbs, accepted, forthcoming 2021.


    ·     Grant-funded GVV Curriculum Project launched at Munster Technological University in Ireland, 2021.

    ·     The Australian Institute of Health and Safety is offering an online professional development version of the GVV MOOC customized for Health and Safety profession.

    ·     Australian Financial Markets Association built GVV into their competencies and training modules and receives high evaluations from users, 2020.

    ·     More GVV in Africa: In 2017, Ashesi University began an initative called Education Collaborative which seeks to work collectively with other African universities to transform higher education on the contintent.

    ·     Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco is building GVV into their strategic curriculum plan and Arabic translations of selected GVV materials are in the works.

    ·     Faculty in Columbia, Switzerland, and France have translated parts of GVV for use in their courses.







    GVV is active internationally and growing, with over 1,300 presentations and/or pilots in education, business and fields such as nursing, medicine, law, the military, finance, and the public sector. For example, in addition to the items listed above:

    ·     GVV has been a featured input into the Communication Skills program at the Notre Dame School of Medicine, Australia, and was acknowledged at the Association for Medical Education in Europe annual conference, 2020.

    ·     GVV online programs from is now part of the Josh Bersin Academy offerings for Human Resources Leaders in 2020.

    ·     GVV is now featured in an online program for the CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst Institute).

    ·     GVV is being used in professional development programming by the GFOA (Government Financial Officers Association).

    ·     GVV is a featured methodology in Aspen Ethical Leadership in Healthcare program, offered annually in the Fall.

    ·     GVV has become part of the pedagogy and curriculum for FASPE, the Fellowship at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics. To learn more, visit


    Visit the GVV Around the World section of our website for more on GVV's global reach and impact.



    ·     Mary Gentile was named as a Fellow to the Caux Roundtable for Moral Capitalism.

    ·     International Advisory Board, Journal of Business Ethics and Society.

    ·     Advisory Board Member, ComplianceWeek.

    ·     Gentile was an invited Delegate to the Values20 (V20), a global platform of values experts and practitioners preparing policy chapters and recommendations for the G20V20 convening in Italy in the fall.




    ·     Giving Voice to Values in the Boardroom by Cynthia E. Clark

    ·     Shaping the Future of Work: A Handbook for Action and a New Social Contract by Thomas A. Kochan and Lee Dyer, 2020

    ·     Professionalism and Values in Law Practice by Robert Feldman, 2020

    ·     Ethics Training for Managers by Logan L. Watts, Kelsey Medeiros, Tristan McIntosh, Tyler Mlhearn, 2020

    ·     Engaging the Heart in Business: A Revolutionary Market Approach Based on Love by Alice Alessandri and Alberto Aleo

    ·     Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability (ECSRS) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region: Conceptualization, Contextualization, and Empirical Evidence, edited by Noha El-Bassiony, Dina El-Bassiouny, Ehab K.A. Mohamed, Mohamed A.K. Basuony, Routledge, 2020

    ·     Authentic Excellence: Flourishing and Resilience in a Relentless World by R. Kelly Crace and Robert Louis Crace

    ·     Giving Voice to Values as a Professional Physician: An Introduction to Medical Ethics by Ira Bedzow





    Thank you for your continued interest and use of Giving Voice to Values!


    For more information about Giving Voice to Values, visit and/or contact Mary C. Gentile, PhD, at








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