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Deadline 30/5 - Social Entrepreneurship Summit SES2021

  • 1.  Deadline 30/5 - Social Entrepreneurship Summit SES2021

    Posted 25 days ago

    === apologies for cross-posting ===

    Dear colleagues,

    The deadline for submissions to the Social Entrepreneurship Summit SES2021 is extended until May 30, 2021. This year, our conference will take place only online due to the current evolution of the pandemic. After a successful summit last year, we are looking forward to your submissions for a great online SES2021 ahead.

    During the conference, we will organize a paper development workshop related to the Special Issue on Business and Society Review "Ecosystems for Social Innovation" with guest editors Nikolay A. Dentchev, Abel Diaz Gonzalez and Xaver Neumeyer.

    The Social Entrepreneurship Summit – SES – brings together academics, students, business leaders, government officials and social entrepreneurs to co-create solutions to the most challenging issues of our society. This summit aims at gathering all different actors to foster collaboration among themselves and to intensify the hands-on support to social entrepreneurs and all ecosystem partners.  The summit is organized by Equalisi BVBA, in cooperation with the Chair of Social Entrepreneurship at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) and ESPAE Business School (Ecuador).

    We are proud to present the SES2021 edition "Building Ecosystems for a more sustainable and resilient society" to be held online. For two days, participants in the summit will exchange ideas on how to develop ecosystems that contribute to addressing our most challenging sustainability issues, which now are becoming more complex due to the pandemic. At the summit, participants will benefit from the provoking talks of distinguished Keynote Speakers, as well as from direct contact with numerous social entrepreneurs at the social entrepreneurship fair.

    The first edition of the summit was organized in 2019 in Santa Marta, Colombia, with more than 120 participants, of which 70 presentations from 15 different countries and 30 participants in the fair. In 2020, the summit took place online due to the pandemic. Despite the online setting, our summit congregated more than 200 Participants, 26 countries, featuring 85 presentations and a wonderful online Social Entrepreneurship Fair with more than 30 online videos from social entrepreneurial projects with entrepreneurs from Belgium, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania.

    For more information, submissions and registrations, please visit:

    Best regards,

    Abel Diaz Gonzalez, PhD
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel 

    Ph.D. candidate - Business Economics
    Vrije Universiteit Brussels
    Brussels, Belgium
    +32 484 413091