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ONE Newsletter - New publications: Journal articles and book chapters

  • 1.  ONE Newsletter - New publications: Journal articles and book chapters

    Posted 25 days ago

    New Publications by ONE Members

    Congratulations to all ONE members that recently published journal articles or book chapters!

    Journal articles and book chapters

    Asensio O. I., Apablaza C. A., Lawson M. C., Walsh S. E. (2021) A field experiment on workplace norms and electric vehicle charging etiquette. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 1-14.

    Busch, T. (2020): Industrial ecology, climate adaptation, and financial risk. Journal of Industrial Ecology 24 (2), 285-290

    Busch, T., Bassen, A., Lewandowski, S., Sump, F. (2020): Corporate carbon and financial performance revisited. Organization and Environment (in press)

    Busch, T., Bruce-Clark, P. Derwall, J., Eccles, R., Hebb, T., Hoepner, A., Klein, C., Krueger, P. Paetzold, F., Scholtens, B., Weber, O. (2021): Impact Investments – a call for (re)orientation. SN Business & Economics 1 (2): 33


    Busch, T., Johnson, M., Pioch, T., Kopp, M. (2020): Corporate carbon performance data: Quo vadis? Journal of Industrial Ecology (in press)


    Busch, T., Judick, L. (2021): Climate change – that’s not real! A comparative analysis of climate-skeptic think tanks in the United States and Germany. Climatic Change (in press)


    Gong M, Zhang Z, Ming J & Walls JL. 2021. Does having a critical mass of women on the board result in more corporate environmental actions? Evidence from China. Group and Organization Management, in press.


    Ha S., Marchetto D. J., Dharur S., Asensio O. I. (2021) Topic classification of electric vehicle consumer experiences with transformer-based deep learning. Patterns (Cell Press), 2(2): 100195.


    Hoffman, A. (2021) The Engaged Scholar: Expanding the Impact of Academic Research in Today’s World, (Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press).


    Hoffman, A. (2021) Management as a Calling: Leading Business, Serving Society, (Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press).


    Howard-Grenville J, Hahn T, Lyon T, Russo M & Walls JL. 2021. Leadership forum on organizations and sustainability: Taking stock, looking forward. Organization & Environment, in press.


    Hull, C. E., Millette, S., & Williams, E. (2021). Challenges and opportunities in building circular-economy incubators: Stakeholder perspectives in Trinidad and Tobago. Journal of Cleaner Production, 296, 126412.


    Kölbel, J.F., Heeb, F., Paetzold, F., Busch, T. (2020): Can Sustainable Investing Save the World? Reviewing the mechanisms of investment impact. Organization & Environment (in press)


    Pinkse, Jonatan & Bohnsack, René (2021). Sustainable product innovation and changing consumer behavior: Sustainability affordances as triggers of adoption and usage. Business Strategy and the Environment. In press


    Ramya S.M. and Baral R. (2021): CSR during COVID-19: Exploring select organizations’ intents and activities.'_intents_and_activities


    Salaiz A, Chiu SC & Walls JL. 2021. Sustainability agency at the top of the organization: Microfoundations research on corporate sustainability. In Teerikangas S, Onkila T, Koistinine K & Mäkelä M (Eds.) Edgar Elgar Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency, in press.


    Scheufele, D., A. Hoffman, L. Neeley, and C. Reid (2021) “Misinformation about science in the public sphere,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,


    Williams, A. & Whiteman, G. (2021). A Call for Deep Engagement for Impact: Addressing the Planetary Emergency. Strategic Organization. doi:10.1177/14761270211011703


    Williams, A., Heucher, K., & Whiteman, G. (2021). Planetary Emergency and Paradox. In: Bednarek, R., Pina e Cunha, M. & Smith, W. (eds) Both/and-ing Paradox Theory Interdisciplinary Dialogues on Organizational Paradox. Research in Sociology of Organization. Emerald Publishing. In Press.

    Youthika Chauhan
    University of North Carolina
    Chapel Hill NC