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Paywall is down

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    Posted 27 days ago
    Hi folks. Just a quick follow-up to last week's post about the article that Ben Cashore, Irene Henriques, Bryan Husted, Rajat Panwar, Jonatan Pinkse & I published in the Summer 2021 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review. As many of you noted, it was behind a paywall. Good news -- that paywall has been temporarily lifted. We'd love to get a conversation started around this topic, so please take a look at the article if you can and offer your perspective in the comments.


    Reorient the Business Case for Corporate Sustainability (SSIR)
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    Reorient the Business Case for Corporate Sustainability (SSIR)
    Sustainability is the biggest challenge we face. The planet has suffered significant ecological damage and is nearing the point of no return for sustaining life. 1 Corporations have helped bring us to the brink. Can they help pull us back? Firms have voluntarily taken up the existential challenge of sustainability and devoted their massive resources, global reach, and unique capabilities.
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