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[Call for Applicants] SIM-ONE Junior Faculty Consortium

  • 1.  [Call for Applicants] SIM-ONE Junior Faculty Consortium

    Posted 05-13-2020 13:09
    Academy of Management
    SIM-ONE divisions'
    2020 Virtual Junior Faculty Consortium

    The SIM-ONE Junior Faculty Consortium is an annual event that provides an opportunity for early-career faculty members and postdocs who are members of the Social Issues in Management (SIM), and/or Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) divisions to network with senior faculty members and develop their research ideas. It is currently uncertain whether the Academy of Management Annual Meeting will physically take place in Vancouver this year. However, the SIM and ONE division are still dedicated to host the event.

    We have decided to start planning for a virtual meeting. We would like to invite applicants to register for the online SIM-ONE Junior Faculty Consortium. Once we receive further information from the Academy of Management, we will confirm the date (it will most likely take place around the same time as the actual annual meeting) and arrangement.

    The following group of esteemed senior faculty members has already agreed to participate in the virtual SIM-ONE Junior Faculty Consortium. 

    • Bobby Banerjee (City University London)
    • Frances Bowen (University of East Anglia)
    • Frank de Bakker (IESEG School of Management)
    • Mike Barnett (Rutgers University)
    • Stephanie Bertels (Simon Fraser University)
    • Andy Crane (University of Bath)
    • Donal Crilly (London Business School)
    • Magali Delmas (University of California)
    • Ed Freeman (University of Virginia)
    • Tobias Hahn (ESADE)
    • Andy Hoffman (University of Michigan)
    • Martina Linnenluecke (Macquarie University)
    • Tom Lyon (University of Michigan)
    • Dirk Matten (York University)
    • Desiree Pacheco (Portland State University)
    • Douglas Schuler (Rice University)
    • Rob Philips (York University)
    • Kathleen Rehbein (College of Business Administration, Marquette University)
    • Gail Whiteman (Lancaster University)
    • Jeff York (Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado)
    • Charlene Zietsma (Penn State University)
    Now, all we need is you! The event is oversubscribed each year. We encourage you to apply early. We also invite Deans, Department Chairs, and other senior or junior faculty members to nominate their colleagues. The application process looks the following: You must be in the first five years of your employment as a faculty member or in a postdoctoral position

    Your application must include a short CV and a long abstract of a working paper (not more than 5 pages). Please send your application to Pushpika Vishwanathan, (cc: Aoife Haney, by May 31st, 2020. We have the capacity for 30 participants. We will inform all applicants by June 30th, 2020.

    The organizers for this year's consortium are: Pushpika Vishwanathan (SIM), Susana Esper (SIM), Aoife Haney (ONE), and Sylvia Grewatsch (ONE).

    The lead sponsor this year is the SIM Division. Please email any questions and comments to Pushpika Vishwanathan, (cc: Susana Esper,

    We look forward to meeting you virtually!

    Sylvia Grewatsch,
    Assistant Professor for Strategy,
    Goodman School of Business, Brock University, CANADA