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invitation to Appreciative Inquiry on Oct 29th

  • 1.  invitation to Appreciative Inquiry on Oct 29th

    Posted 11 days ago

    Dear One and All,

    This note is a special invitation for you to join an Appreciative Inquiry working session on October 29th from 10am to 12pm EDT aimed at strengthening our MSR community and research for social impact.

    The goal is to engage the whole MSR community to answer the question, how might we spark collaboration and ignite our collective wisdom to manifest AOM division status in ways that wildly exceed all expectations? The core themes from earlier MSR community conversations were distilled into six research projects (or 'boats') that we believe can contribute to MSR's development. The ultimate outcome of this process, beyond a successful Division application, will be a living document to help MSR continually self-reflect on the vitality of our community (voices and culture) and on the strength of our research for social impact.

    Why you should join the Appreciative Inquiry Working Session on October 29th:

    • Engage with fellow members of like-minded people where you can find authentic friendship.
    • Bring your hopes and aspirations to a group of scholars and practitioners who seek to "make a difference" in service of human flourishing, peace, and all life on earth.
    • Help realize MSR's vision of "Human flourishing and global consciousness that illuminate-and are illuminated by-science and the spiritual and religious dimensions of life in management research, teaching, and practice."
    • Help legitimize spirituality and religion as maturing fields of research that demonstrates rigor and relevance.
    • Find new opportunities to collaborate on high-impact research and learn about new projects such as a MSR Magazine (planned) and forthcoming Special Issues of JMSR.

    On behalf of the MSR Executive committee, I warmly invite you to be part of this milestone event on a journey toward a more flourishing future.

    Please add the zoom link to your calendar for October 29th at 10am – 12pm EDT and confirm your participation here on AOMConnect or by email to The agenda is shown below.

    Warm regards,

    Chris Laszlo




    Agenda for October 29th at 10am to 12pm EDT:

    5 min   Welcome (MSR Leadership Track members)

    5 min   Energy alignment practice

    5 min   Review of the process and intention for the "six boats"

    12 min Thoughts, questions, suggestions (All)

    3 min x 6 boats = 18 min   Boat sponsors & crews share where they are in the launch

    15 min Breakout session 1: participants are invited to join the boat that they are most drawn to. Introductions, aspirations, commitments

    5 min   Plenary: participants put into chat at least one outcome they would like for the boat they chose

    30 min Breakout session 2: Boats develop their intended outcomes and milestones through April 2022. The result should be a work plan with outcomes and milestones created by the crews and participants

    20 min Plenary: breakout groups share work plans

    5 min   Closing thoughts



    Chris Laszlo
    Case Western Reserve University
    Cleveland OH
    (703) 759-2744