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Social Intrapreneurship PDW - August 1, 9am-12pm eastern time

  • 1.  Social Intrapreneurship PDW - August 1, 9am-12pm eastern time

    Posted 07-29-2021 12:32
    Dear colleagues,

    I apologize for clogging your inbox but I hope this is for a good reason. The Aspen Institute, social intrapreneurs, and scholars are hosting a 3 hour interactive workshop on the current state of the field of corporate social intrapreneurship. We will also have time to self-organize into breakout groups on future research, discussion, action. Below is more information. We do encourage that you pre-register but it's not required. We also encourage joining us the whole time but also realize that many of you are juggling multiple sessions so if you can join even for a short bit, that is great.



    The Aspen Institute presents: 'Change From the Inside Out: Enabling Collaborative Research in Social Intrapreneurship' - Join us on Aug 1 for this AoM PDW (session 496)!

    Join us for a compelling dive into the emerging field of corporate social intrapreneurship! Corporate social intrapreneurs are individuals pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities to address social challenges from within corporations.

    This highly participatory session is designed for academics interested in: corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, repurposing the corporation, and bottom-up approaches to CSR and sustainability.

    When: August 1, 2021 - 9am-12pm ET | 2pm-5pm BST | 3pm-6pm CET 

    AOM Sponsors: ENT, ONE, & SIM

    Hosts: Eli Malinsky and Nancy McGaw (The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program)

    Academic speakers: Michael L. Barnett (Rutgers University), Maureen Scully (University of Massachusetts Boston), Donald F. Kuratko (Indiana University)

    Practitioner speakers: Eric Myers (Aspen First Mover Fellow, Director of Organic Recycling at Waste Management), Emily Alati (Aspen First Mover Fellow, Director, Footwear Materials at Vans)

    Organizers: Elisa Alt (King's College London), Ante Glavas (University of Vermont), Thijs Geradts (Maastricht University)

    Facilitator: Anne-Cathrin N. Darcis (HHU Dusseldorf)

    Pre-registration is recommended but not required for the second part of the workshop. We will share recommended readings with pre-registered participants ahead of the meeting. Please note no preliminary preparation is required to attend the workshop. To pre-register, please email

    Check our flyer here:

    Find us in the program: (session 496)

    Ante Glavas
    University of Vermont
    Burlington VT