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New Publications and awards by ONE members.

  • 1.  New Publications and awards by ONE members.

    Posted 07-17-2020 07:36
    Edited by Dante Ignacio Leyva-de La Hiz 07-17-2020 08:24

    Dear ONErs,


    It is a great pleasure to display the recent publications and awards from the ONE members.





    • New Journal Articles


    Asensio, O.I., Alvarez, K., Dror, A., Wenzel, E., Hollauer, C., Ha, S. (2020) Real-time data from mobile platforms to evaluate sustainable transportation infrastructureNature Sustainability, 3, 463-471. 

    Berrone, P., Ricart, J. E., Duch, A. I., Bernardo, V., Salvador, J., Piedra Peña, J., & Rodríguez Planas, M. (2019). EASIER: An Evaluation Model for Public–Private Partnerships Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability, 11(8), 2339.

    Dahlmann, F., Stubbs, W., Raven, R. and de Albuquerque, J.P., 2020. The 'purpose ecosystem': Emerging private sector actors in earth system governance. Earth System Governance,

    de Lange, D. 2019. A Paradox of Embedded Agency: Sustainable Investors Boundary Bridging to Emerging Fields. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 226, 20 July 2019, Pages 50-63. 

    de Lange, D. 2020. International isomorphism, sustainable innovation and wealth for OECD cities. Journal of Urban Affairs, Published April 2, 2020 online. 

    de Lange, D., Valliere, D. 2019. Sustainable firms and legitimacy: Corporate venture capital as an effective endorsement. Journal of Small Business Management, published online Nov 22, 2019, pp1-34. 

    de Lange, D., Valliere, D. 2020. Investor preferences for incumbent versus sharing economy firms. Journal of Business Research, 116 (August 2020), pp 37-47. 

    Jasinenko, A., Christandl, F., & Meynhardt, T. (2020). Justified by ideology: Why conservatives care less about corporate social irresponsibility. Journal of Business Research, 114, 290-303.

    Ramya, S. M., & Baral, R. (2019). 'Mind'matters! A conceptual framework using mental models and green nudging to drive corporate environmental responsibility. Management Decision, ahead-of-p

    Ramya, S. M., Shereen, A., & Baral, R. (2020). Corporate environmental communication: a closer look at the initiatives from leading manufacturing and IT organizations in India. Social Responsibility Journal.

    Ramya, S. M., Keng-Highberger, F. T., & Baral, R. (2020). Enabling an Intrinsic Perspective Towards Approaching Tensions in CS Decisions Through Moral Imagination: A Conceptual Framework. In Sustainability. Emerald Publishing Limited. 

    Ricart, J.E., Snihur, Y.; Carrasco, C.; Berrone, P.; Grassroots Resistance to Digital Platforms and Relational Business Model Design to Overcome It: A Conceptual Framework – Strategy Science. (forthcoming)

    Troung, Y., Mazloomi, H., Berrone, P. "Understanding the Impact of Symbolic and Substantive Environmental Actions on Reputation"" – Industrial Marketing Management (forthcoming).

    Viva, L., Ciulli, F., Kolk, A. & Rothenberg, G. (2020). Designing circular waste management strategies: The case of organic waste in Amsterdam. Advanced Sustainable Systems, [open access at]

    Weerawardena, J., Sullivan Mort, G., Salunke, S. & Haigh, N. In Press. Editorial: Business Model Innovation in Social Purpose Organizations. Journal of Business Research.



    • New Book chapters

    Kennedy, E.D., Beaton, E., & Haigh, N.L. 2020. Chapter 12: Governance Practices for Increasing Social Impact among Social Enterprises and Traditional Firms. In D. Billis & C. Rochester (Eds.). Handbook on Hybrid Organizations. 251-272. Edward Elgar.


    • New Teaching cases

    Haigh, N.L., Gilliam, J., & Smith, F. 2020. Project Have Hope: Managing Growth, Commitment, Time, Inventory, and Other Challenges. Ivey Publishing.





    Deborah De Lange:

    • TRSM Outstanding Research Recognition Award, 2020-2021 
    • TRSM Outstanding Research Recognition Award, 2019-2020 
    • Invited expert on Toronto Mayor's Green Industries - Economic Support and Recovery Task Force, April 22nd, 2020 (Earth Day 2020) with Mayor John Tory and Councillor Jennifer McKelvie.
    • Featured on ONWiE (Ontario Network of Women in Engineering) social media Tuesday March 3, 2020
    • Affiliate Researcher for Centre for Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Analytics – CRSSCA, Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie University
    • Visiting Scholar at Massey College, University of Toronto, 2019-2020


    Asensio, Omar Isaac


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