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AOM Panel Symposium on Information Disclosure

  • 1.  AOM Panel Symposium on Information Disclosure

    Posted 07-21-2021 08:34

    Please join us on Tuesday, Aug 3 2021 11:00AM - 12:30PM ET (UTC-4) for our synchronous live session symposium on information disclosure research in management.

    Moderator: Kala Viswanathan, Harvard U.
    Moderator: Eric Y. Lee, U. of Georgia
    Panelist: Giada Di Stefano, Bocconi U.
    Panelist: Thomas Peyton Lyon, U. of Michigan
    Panelist: Derek Harmon, U. of Michigan
    The information that managers voluntarily disclose to outsiders can have important performance implications for the firm. Information disclosure is therefore an important decision for managers and a growing area for strategic management research. In this symposium, we examine and discuss two major topics in voluntary disclosure research: (1) environmental disclosures that reveal the extent to which organizations are responsible members of society and (2) the information managers disclose in attempt to manage impressions. We focus not only on performance implications for the firm but also the important role of information disclosure on society. We discuss common themes, future directions, and collaborative opportunities.

    Eric Lee
    Assistant Professor
    The Pennsylvania State University
    Athens GA